Rita Ora and Taika Waititi Give Fans an Intimate Look at Their Relationship in 'Vogue's '24 Hours With' Video

The adoring couple hung out with the crew while in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi lovingly gallivanted around Düsseldorf, Germany, ahead of hosting the 2022 MTV Europe Music Awards, and the doting couple invited a camera crew to hang out with them for a full 24 hours.

The singer and the director took part in Vogue's popular series "24 Hours With," which is pretty self-explanatory -- the fashion magazine spends 24 hours with its subjects. In this case, Ora and Waititi had an action-packed schedule that included visiting the city's mayor, fitting for the next day's festivities and visiting the oldest brewery in town.

The day started with breakfast -- and a dad joke when Waititi tweaked Brussels sprouts for Düssel-sprouts -- before the couple headed off to the Old Town Hall, a historic building that's been around since the late 1500s. While there, they signed the big book, which featured signatures from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, among others.

There was a funny moment when Waititi asked the city's mayor if anyone had told him he's a spitting image of Bryan Cranston. Yes, it's pretty spot-on.

Anyway, it's clear Ora and Waititi enjoy eating when they travel. So much so, Ora says one things she likes to do when visiting a new country is looking up where the late Anthony Bourdain has visited so she can follow suit and visit those places. But they had to put that excursion on pause, since the singer had a fitting back at the hotel.

It's revealed that Ora will have approximately 12 looks for the awards show. She said the challenging part about all those wardrobe changes is the fact that live television only allows for about 60 seconds to change into the next outfit. But she's excited nonetheless, especially when she finds out about a gown worn by the late Whitney Houston.

The evening ends when the couple hits up The Golden Kettle Brewery, the city's oldest brewery, which has been around since the 1830s. They arrive to a table filled with table. While enjoying a beer, the couple recapped what happened prior to their arrival at the brewery.

Ora said Düsseldorf's a town with lots of Albanians (her parents are from Albania) and she said a group of Albanians making pizza spotted them and invited them for a bite. The couple and Vogue's crew happily obliged.

"If you're gonna be with someone who's from Albania," Waititi says, "you best learn Albanian."

Ora and Waititi would later recall their first date, which the singer said was more of a group date at a party. Ora said she enjoyed getting to know him as friends without the pressure of dating for years and spoke about how natural it all flowed.

They also discussed their love languages. 

"I like to reenforce the act of love in many different ways, and to me gifts are something you can keep forever, and if they have a meaning, a personal touch ... I basically gift people how I want to be gifted," she said.

Waititi showered Ora with praise before toasting the night away.

Waititi and Ora first sparked romance rumors in April 2021, when the singer shared a pic of herself hugging the director. Then, in May, the pair was spotted displaying some major PDA in Australia, alongside actress Tessa Thompson.

The couple made their red carpet debut in August 2021, at the premiere of Suicide Squad, which Waititi starred in. Later that month, Ora took to Instagram to share pics from Waititi's star-studded birthday party. 

Reports surfaced back in August that they tied the knot. The following month, Ora gushed over being in love with Waititi, but she did not address the wedding rumors.

Either way, they're certainly #RelationshipGoals.