'Riverdale' Drops a Romance Bombshell: Star Madelaine Petsch Dishes on That Cheryl & Josie Twist! (Exclusive)

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WARNING: We're about to reveal the most shocking moment from this week's episode of 'Riverdale'!

WARNING: We're about to reveal the most shocking moment from this week's episode of Riverdale! If you do not want to be spoiled, hitchhike your way away from the screen. For everyone else, prepare to have your jaws drop in three, two, one…

Cheryl Blossom has officially gone off the deep end!

On the latest episode of Riverdale, "Chapter 20: Tales From the Darkside," a secret admirer kept sending Josie cryptic gifts (Ew! A pig's heart!) as well as terrifying love notes with messages saying, "If I can't have you, no one can."  At first, Josie thought the presents were sent by Chuck Clayton -- the womanizing jock we met back in season one -- but by the end of the episode, the cameras revealed to the audience that it's actually Cheryl who has a crush on The Pussycats' lead singer.

It seems that Cheryl's newfound infatuation with Josie blossomed after she – along with Veronica and The Pussycats – saved Cheryl from Nick St. Clair's sadistic clutches.

To get the truth, ET recently sat down with star Madelaine Petsch for the latest episode of Sweetwater Secrets -- ET's Riverdale-themed YouTube series -- and the red-headed beauty revealed the real reasons why Cheryl is so drawn to Josie.

"Last season, we talked a lot about how close [Cheryl and Josie] were, but you never really saw it on camera," Petsch explained. "But Josie is the only real ally that Cheryl has in this school and the only person that Cheryl is willing to open up to even the littlest bit. She hasn't really opened up to her too much, but they create a really beautiful friendship in the beginning of the season."

"And then chaos happens," Petsch added cryptically.

Up until this week's episode, the identity of Cheryl's season two love interest has been kept secret, but Petsch was quick to share what Cheryl is looking for in a relationship.

"She needs love," the actress shared. "She's obviously still figuring herself out a little bit, but she's discovered that she has no love, no home base, no friends, and this season her undercurrent is absolutely low. She's really looking for love and she's looking for it in all the right -- and all the wrong -- places."

Although Josie has no idea that Cheryl is her secret admirer, star Ashleigh Murray is fully aware of how much she enjoys spending time with Petsch on set.

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"Mads has such a beautiful personality. She's so sweet and she's so funny and you don’t get to see that often," Murray recently gushed of her co-star to ET. "So being on set with her and seeing her come in and out of [character as Cheryl] is so much fun and she's ridiculously talented."

Murray continued, "She's just such a ray of sunshine to be around, so being able to play with her as Josie and Cheryl [is great.] We had a really lovely moment in one of the episodes that's coming up that I really enjoyed and we got to walk up and down the hallways together and just laughing and joking about things together in between takes. I just have the best time with her."

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