'Riverdale' Reveals Toni Topaz Is Bisexual – Who Should She Date Next? Star Madelaine Petsch Weighs In!

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Everyone's talking about Toni Topaz!

Following her controversial kiss with Jughead last week, Riverdale created an even bigger buzz on Wednesday's all-new episode by confirming the lingering Archie Comics rumor that Toni Topaz is bisexual.

In the beginning of this week's episode, it was revealed that Toni actually spent the night at Juggy's trailer and the new twosome participated in a "PG-13 grope session." (Her words, not ours!) However, Toni was quick to clarify her relationship intentions with the newly single Jughead.

"Look, cards on the table? You're not over Betty and I'm not interested in being anybody's rebound," Toni told Jughead over breakfast at Pop's. "Besides, I'm more into girls anyways."

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We're pumped to see more L-G-B-T-Q-I-A inclusion in Riverdale!

Back in July, when ET first broke the casting news of Vanessa Morgan joining season two as the "vivacious" Toni Topaz, Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said that "exploring" the topic of Toni's sexuality was something very important to the writers. 

"Toni Topaz is a character who was added on a little more recently in the comic books and she's always been very, very vivacious, exciting and a bit of a disrupter," he said, adding that Toni could be "trouble" for Betty and Jughead's relationship. "Bughead is pretty strong, and pretty undeniable, and pretty epic, but you know even the most epic of romances has trouble -- and trouble often comes as a third party. So yes, it is conceivable that Toni will potentially test the limits of Bughead."

But since Toni shut down Jughead's crush and, at the end of the episode, it appears that Bughead is back on the romance track, the question remains: Who will Toni date next?

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On Sweetwater Secrets, ET's Riverdale-themed YouTube series, we've been pitching that Toni Topaz and Cheryl Blossom could be a bombshell of a couple -- and we asked Morgan's real-life BFF and Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch her thoughts on the potential pairing!

"I have no idea where all of this came from. All of a sudden I feel like in the last month it's been like, 'Choni! Choni! Choni!' and I'm just like, 'I don't know where you guys got this idea from,'" the red-headed beauty revealed. "But anything's possible in Riverdale!"

Regardless of Toni's onscreen love interests, Petsch stressed that she wants Riverdale viewers to stop taking their shipper frustrations out on the actors' social media accounts.

"Just a friendly reminder, guys – we are not the characters that we play on the show," Petsch added. "My best friend is Toni Topaz aka Vanessa Morgan and she's been getting a lot of hate, so let's all be nice to the actresses please!"

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