'Riverdale' Reveals the Truth: Chic Is an 'Imposter' & Betty Is Pissed — Watch the Sneak Peek! (Exclusive)

Everything in 'Riverdale' is about to change.

"Shut the hell up, imposter!"

And with those five words, everything in Riverdale is about to change.

In tonight's all-new episode of the smash CW drama, Betty and Jughead pay a visit to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and discover a shocking revelation: Chic is not who he says he is – and only ET has your exclusive first look at the heated Cooper family confrontation!

In our sneak peek video above, Betty holds up a photo of Alice Cooper's "real son" and quickly calls Chic a "con artist."

"You're not my brother," Betty viciously screams as Chic tries to change the subject.

We called up Chic himself, actor Hart Denton, and asked him to shed some light on tonight's jaw-dropping episode. "Get ready for some action," he teased over the phone. "There's quite a bit of blood and quite a bit of drama."

Check back to ETonline immediately after you watch tonight's mind-blowing hour for an exclusive tell-all article with Denton about Chic's "imposter" ways and behind-the-scenes details on the moment that everyone will be talking about!

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.




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