'Riverdale': Madelaine Petsch on Choni Living Together & When They Officially Become 'Girlfriends' (Exclusive)

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Cheryl Blossom is stepping into the spotlight -- and into a new relationship!

Cheryl Blossom is stepping into the spotlight -- and into a new relationship!

On tonight's special musical episode of Riverdale, "Chapter 31: A Night to Remember," Cheryl is taking on the titular role in the high school's production of "Carrie: The Musical," and fans should be braced for a night of shocking twists and vicious turns.

Riverdale's sassiest on-screen star, Madelaine Petsch, stopped by for a live episode of Sweetwater Secrets on Wednesday morning, and the 23-year-old beauty dropped some swoon-worthy bombshells about Cheryl's newly ignited love life with Toni Topaz. 

When a fan on Twitter noticed that Cheryl was wearing pants that looked very similar to Toni's at the end of episode 217, Petsch was quick to applaud the Riverdale fandom's keen attention to detail. 

"You guys are totally on it! I am very impressed that you guys figured that out," she gushed. "Yes, after being rescued from the nuns, obviously, she did not go back to Thistlehouse, so Toni took her in."

"For the next, like, [few episodes] 17 and 18, Cheryl is wearing only Toni's clothing because she's staying at Toni's," Petsch confirmed exclusively to ET. "We don’t really talk about it at all, but it's nice that you guys notice those things."

Another thing that we at ET noticed is that in Cheryl's cast bio for "Carrie: The Musical," she names Toni as her "girlfriend." (H... interesting!) So when exactly did Choni officially decide to put a label on their blossoming relationship?

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Petsch revealed that the official "girlfriend" name-dropping scene was ultimately cut from tonight's musical episode, but that she and Vanessa Morgan were very excited to see that Choni had reached that level in their relationship. 

"We were really excited about it," Petsch spilled. "I think, for Cheryl, she's never been in a relationship. She's never been with anybody and it's such a nice, new thing for her. I think just the minute they kissed, they were in a relationship for Cheryl. I think that this is her way of confirming it for Toni, but they're, like, already kissing in public."

For more exclusive scoop on Riverdale's musical extravaganza, teases on what's to come for Choni and a sneak peek at Petsch's hot new sunglasses line, Prive Revaux x Madelaine, press play on the video below!

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