'Riverdale' to Air a Musical Episode -- Plus, New Relationship Spoilers for Bughead and More!

Riverdale Musical
The CW

The Riverdale High Drama Department, in conjunction with the Lodge Family, is pleased to present as its Spring Production, “Carrie: The Musical.”

Riverdale is staging a musical!

The Riverdale High Drama Department (RHDD), in conjunction with the Lodge Family, is pleased to present as its Spring Production, “Carrie: The Musical.”

The Archie Comics-inspired drama will air this musical extravaganza on Wednesday, April 18 on The CW and the episode will feature 11 songs.

Additionally, a behind-the-scenes documentary following the making of “Carrie: The Musical” will be filmed by student videographer and journalist Jughead Jones.

The musical, which will be directed by “Future Tony Winner” Kevin Keller, is “a dark-yet-catchy cautionary tale exploring the gritty realities of small-town high school life.”

“Carrie: The Musical” is said to be a combination of the iconic elements from the novel, 1976 movie, 1988 Broadway production, 2012 Off-Broadway revival, and 2013 remake to create a “retro-yet-timeless interpretation of Stephen King’s horror classic.”

The CW

Naturally, Cheryl Blossom and her signature red hair will be playing the titular role of Carrie and, according to her cast bio, she is “OMFG excited to play the cult icon.”

Curiously, part of Cheryl’s bio has been redacted from our records! As you can see in the image above, Cheryl wants to send “grand bisous” — or big kisses — to an unknown person.

In a similar fashion, Toni Topaz’s bio also has a blacked-out part of her message. Toni said she’s “looking forward to seeing [REDACTED] give a sick performance.”

Our Riverdale senses are tingling and we’re taking this secrecy as a sign that by episode 18, Cheryl and Toni are more than friends — and we could not be more excited!

And it seems that the “Carrie” cast bios have also dropped another huge relationship clue. In her message, Betty Cooper sends “much love to her boyfriend, Jughead Jones” and adds #bugheadforever.

Clearly, Bughead fans have nothing to worry about because Betty and Jughead will be back on track in a matter of months.

Riverdale’s musical episode will premiere Wednesday, April 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.