WATCH: Members of the Hilarious Royal Wedding Spoof


ET is in London and caught up with a few of the look-alikes who danced in a royal wedding spoof video that went viral!

Prince Harry look-alike Elliott Gibson -- who has been playing Harry for about nine years while holding down a day job in banking -- says the video filmed at London's St Bartholomew the Great church was as fun to make as it is for people to watch. 

"This one was pretty fun actually, everyone was in good spirits, the audience was great, and we had the freedom to fiddle around with the dance music a bit." He says he's never met Prince Harry in person and jokes that if it ever happened, "I'd probably hope he doesn't try and hit me over the stuff I've done over the years."

When asked whether playing Prince Harry has resulted in dates the royal look-alike admits it has: "I've actually met a lot of girls while doing Prince Harry look-alike jobs."

Mary Reynolds,the woman who plays the queen in the video, has been making "royal" appearances for 23 years and says she's a huge fan of Queen Elizabeth II, whom she is mistaken for all the time, even when she's not working. "It's quite incredible at times, even at times when I think I don't look at all like her, like when I go to my local supermarket and someone will say to me, 'Has anyone ever told you?' I say, yes." 

She says she'll definitely be watching the royal wedding if she is not working and that she's most looking forward to seeing Kate's dress, tiara and hairdo.