‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’: The Vixen Is Ready to Send ‘Obnoxious’ Eureka O’Hara Home -- Watch! (Exclusive)


What happens on Untucked comes to the werk-room.

In ET’s exclusive first look at this week’s all-new RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Vixen and Asia O’Hara kiki over the experiences so far. The Vixen is frustrated that she hasn’t received much face-time with the judges. Instead, she’s been hanging backstage during best and worst critiques, filming the Drag Race after-show, Untucked, and getting into fights.

“I want to hear from the judges,” she tells Asia. “I just feel like I’m not having the full experience yet. Every time I end up in Untucked, it’s some drama, so I would just like to come to Untucked and be like, ‘Hey, y’all, what happened?’”

Last week, The Vixen and Eureka O’Hara got into a shouting match after Eureka accused her of being negative. Things only got worse when Eureka said she was going to walk away for a smoke break, but actually stuck around and accused The Vixen of treating her differently than the rest of the cast, which The Vixen didn’t deny. When Asia asks The Vixen for an update on her and Eureka, The Vixen says there isn’t one: “I’m ignoring her.”

“Once my beast is out, it takes a good while for me to put it back,” The Vixen notes in a confessional.

Check out the talk here:

Eventually, Asia asks The Vixen, “If Eureka and Aquaria had to lip sync, which one of them would you rather see go home?”

“Honestly, Eureka,” The Vixen replies. “‘Cause she’s so obnoxious. Like, she could be on the other side of the room and still in my ear, you know what I mean?”

“If it’s any mess, this ho is ready to fight and I’m no part of it,” Asia shares in a confessional. “My teeth were too expensive.”

Tune into RuPaul’s Drag Race on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on VH1 to see what happens next. When Eureka stopped by the ET studios last month, she admitted that the personalities of season 10 were a lot to handle.

“There's a lot of type-A personalities that really want to be seen, really want to be heard,” she teased. “Season nine was a little calmer, I think, and a little more sisterly. Now, we've grown to be sisters, but honey, in competition, we were vicious f**king b***hes. So, be ready!”

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