Rupert Grint Says Daughter Wednesday Says the F-Word a Lot, Has Her Own 'Harry Potter' Wand

The 33-year-old also discussed the inspiration behind his 1-year-old daughter's name.

Rupert Grint's role on Apple TV+'s Servant is rubbing off on his 1-year-old daughter, Wednesday G. Grint. The 33-year-old actor opened up about his daughter's growing personality and vocabulary during a Wednesday night appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"Now she's kind of talking and doing things because for so long babies just don't do anything," he quipped. "She's speaking, she's talking, she's got opinions. She says 'Dada.' She says 'Mama.' It was kind of at the same time. And also the F-word came pretty quick." 

So how did the expletive end up in little Wednesday's vocabulary? Grint blames his drama, Servant. 

"She spends a lot of time in my dressing room when I'm doing my lines for [Servant] and my character says the F-word a lot and now she just says it whenever she's excited," he shared. "We were at the toy store today, and she was just walking around dropping it."

Grint noted that others have a "mixed reaction" when they hear his daughter spouting out the curse word, but added, "We find it hilarious, so it's kind of encouraging it."

Grint opened up to ET in December 2021 about bringing Wednesday on the Servant set. 

"It's a weird place to be, especially when Wednesday first came. I remember I brought her to the set this season," he said. "She thought she was at Sesame Street, which was very far away from Sesame Street. But yeah, it's really interesting."

During his Tonight Show appearance, Grint also shared that his daughter's name is, in fact, inspired by a famous fictional young girl -- Wednesday Addams. 

"It's a good name, isn't it? I'm always hesitant to say it was The Addams Family, but it was, yeah, kind of the Addams Family," the Harry Potter star admitted of the inspiration for his daughter's name. "Just always loved the name, it's a good name, memorable."

As for the "G" initial in Wednesday's full name, Grint added, "Samuel L. Jackson kind of inspired that. We love the idea of an initial like Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx could kind of speaking the initial, so she's Wednesday G. Grint."

Though she's not yet two, Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the Potter films, is already getting her interested in the Wizarding World.  

"I've already started showing her the trailers. She has a wand and a Pez dispenser with my head on it," he shared. "We don't feed her Pez, but she has [the dispenser]." 

Grint recently reunited with the Potter cast. For more from the 20th anniversary reunion special, watch the clip below.