Russell Simmons Accused of Sexual Assault While Brett Ratner Allegedly Watched

Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner
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The hip hop mogul denies the allegations, as Terry Crews called Simmons out for an email asking him to forgive his alleged assailant.

Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons has been accused of committing sexual assault while director Brett Ratner allegedly watched, according to an article by The Los Angeles Times.

Model Keri Claussen Khalighi claims that in 1991, Simmons and Ratner took her out for dinner in New York, and then they returned to Simmons' apartment to watch a music video the pair were working on. There, she alleges that Simmons made unwanted advances on her, and claims that when she asked Ratner for help, he "just sat there and watched."

“I fought it wildly,” Khalighi tells the newspaper about Simmons' alleged attempt to have intercourse with her.

She claims to the L.A. Times that Simmons eventually coerced her to perform oral sex, and also alleges that he briefly penetrated her without her consent after she went to take a shower. 

Simmons vehemently denied the allegations in a statement on his website.

"I am a supporter of the #MeToo campaign and the victims who were previously terrified to stand up and speak out against sexual misconduct," Simmons wrote. "I completely and unequivocally deny the horrendous allegations of non-consensual sex against me with every fiber of my being."

"I know Keri Claussen Khalighi and remember the weekend in 1991 that she has referenced," he continued. "Everything that happened between us 26 years ago was completely consensual and with Keri’s full participation. We spent time in my apartment over a period of two days and one night, as well as at some public places including Nell’s Nightclub. I’m deeply saddened and truly shocked to learn of Keri’s assertions as to what happened over the course of that weekend."

ET has also reached out to Ratner's rep regarding the story.

While Simmons denies the accusations, on Sunday, actor Terry Crews called him out on Twitter for a message he alleges he received from the mogul.

The actor, who has spoken out about his own alleged sexual assault by a Hollywood agent, shared an alleged screenshot of an email from Simmons asking Crews to give the accused perpetrator a "pass" and "ask that he be reinstated."

"Dear @UncleRUSH——NO ONE GETS A PASS," Crews wrote.

The Brooklyn Nine Nine star shared details of allegedly being groped at a Hollywood party by WME agent Adam Venit on Wednesday's Good Morning America, saying, "I have never felt more emasculated, more objectified. I was horrified."

Crews has since left the talent agency, WME.

Earlier this month, Ratner was accused by multiple women, including actresses Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge, of sexual misconduct. For more on their story, watch the video below.