Ryan Gosling on the ‘Surreal Process’ of Simulating Space Travel in 'First Man' (Exclusive)

The leading man is opening up about the challenging process of creating his upcoming film.

When Ryan Gosling and director Damien Chazelle, the team behind La La Land, tackled their latest collaboration First Man, they were tasked with recreated the scope, sound and claustrophobia of early space travel in order to believably depict the Apollo 11 mission. And the effort has already been near-universally lauded for its bracing depiction of NASA’s most dangerous days.

Now, the lead man is sharing just how much effort went into realistically recreating these space missions in order to communicate the sheer cost of getting to the moon.

“I mean it's hard to communicate just how dangerous and how extreme these missions really were,” Gosling said. “Sitting in these really carefully reconstructed capsules having astronauts involved in those missions talking to me in my ear through the scenes. It was a very very surreal process, an opportunity I still can't believe I got to have.”

Earlier this month, the 37-year-old actor told ET at the Toronto International Film Festival that, throughout the filming process, he was constantly thinking about how Neil Armstrong’s children would react to seeing the end result, pushing him to deliver the very best performance possible.

“What I thought about every day was that Neil Armstrong’s sons were going to see this film,” he said. “They've seen it and it gets the Armstrong sign of approval is more than I ever could have hoped for.”

Claire Foy also spoke recently about the challenge of playing Armstrong’s wife, Janet. According to her, what really tripped her up was summoning her anger for Gosling during key moments of filming simply because the actor is so darned likable.

“Innately, Ryan as a person is so kind-hearted and generous and warm, to the point where I’m being Janet in a scene and I’m supposed to be really angry with him and I’m thinking I’m just not,” she shared with a laugh.

The film also stars Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Corey Stoll, Christopher Abbott, Patrick Fugit, Lukas Haas and Shea Whigham.

First Man soars into theaters on Oct. 12.

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