Ryan Reynolds Recalls 'Surreal' Encounter With Fans on Their Honeymoon

Ryan Reynolds at Deadpool 2 screening in South Korea
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Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to being recognized by fans, even during the strangest, most "surreal" situations.

During his appearance on The Graham Norton Show on Friday's episode, the Deadpool star recalls -- in graphic detail, mind you -- being on a plane with two newlyweds headed on their honeymoon, when the bride suddenly got really sick.

“I was on a plane with a honeymooning couple and the bride became very ill," Reynolds shares. "Not just throwing up ill, but really painting with her internal organs. She was taken off the plane on a stretcher it was so bad."

The 41-year-old actor says that the woman's husband turned out to be quite the dedicated fan.

"As her new husband followed her out, he spotted me and shouted, 'Deadpool, high five!’" he recollects. "It was a surreal moment. Firstly, I didn’t want to high five him just in case he was infected, and secondly, he seemed to have no concern for his dying wife!"

Speaking of getting sick, Reynolds shares a very real fear he has when it comes to wearing his super-tight Deadpool costume, which he wears again in the upcoming sequel.

“It is so tight. I am terrified I am going to throw up in the mask," he confesses. "There is no space in there at all!”

As for Deadpool 2, hitting theaters May 18, the action star describes the film as "bolder and nuttier than the first."

"We’ve pushed things further," he tells Norton. "It’s supercharged and we are pumped up about it."

The sequel introduces several new characters, including Josh Brolin as the time-traveling mercenary Cable. The 50-year-old actor, also chatting with Norton, says he had a blast working with Reynolds and shared that sentiment in a private email to the star.

"I wrote him an email telling him what a good time I am having and how much I enjoy working with him," Brolin says. "I confessed I had seen The Proposal three times and am a huge fan.”

Reynolds interjects, "It was actually a love letter!"

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