Ryan Reynolds Shares How His Oldest Daughter Inspired Him to Do 'Pokemon: Detective Pikachu' (Exclusive)

The handsome star opened up to ET about the role his little girl played in his latest career choice.

Ryan Reynolds will soon be taking the world by storm as the voice of the beloved eponymous hero in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, and it turns out he has his daughter James to thank.

Reynolds battled jet lag during a trip to Tokyo for the premiere of his new adventure film, and spoke with ET's Nischelle Turner on the red carpet, where he dished on his little girl's influence on his career choices.

"She's kinda the arbiter of everything i do really, yeah," Reynolds adorably joked about his 4-year-old daughter. "I get permission slips."

When asked if James will be getting the paycheck for encouraging him to take the role, Reynolds admitted, "I think she gets the check for most things."

The actor also opened up about his plans with wife Blake Lively to take their two kids, James and 2-year-old Inez, to see the fun film on the big screen.

"We're gonna go to the theater for sure. Nothing beats the theater experience," Reynolds shared. "That's pretty amazing, so to be in a community like that, that's fun."

ET also spoke with Reynolds before the premiere at a press day promoting the long-awaited project, and he elaborated on why he chose to sign on to the project and the role his daughter actually played in forcing his hand.

"First of all, Pokémon in general is like catnip to children," Reynolds joked.

"[The filmmakers] sent me this fully rendered Detective Pikachu and they married it and paired it with my voice from dialogue from Deadpool," he recalled. "So I'm watching and looking at this completely hyper-realistic photorealistic Detective Pikachu on my computer, and my daughter kind of cruises by and is glued to it."

"She made us watch it a hundred times in a row. So I was kind of in, even if the script was literally made of old spit I would have been like, 'Yup, I'm doing it. I'm in,'" he added. "I need more of that validation from my child."

Check out Reynolds' take on the fan favorite character when Pokemon: Detective Pikachu hits theaters May 10.



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