Ryan Reynolds Trolls Chris Hemsworth on Instagram Over His 'Legend' Leap Into the Water

Ryan Reynolds at Deadpool 2 premiere in Beijing
Zhang Jingtao/VCG via Getty Images

The Marvel movie stars are nothing but laughs on social media.

Fellow Marvel movie stars Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth are back to exchanging barbs on social media.

The Deadpool star didn't hesitate to troll the Thor actor on Instagram after the latter shared a stunning snap taken by photographer and filmmaker, Cristian Prieto, from his family vacation in Thailand. In the photo, posted on Sunday, Hemsworth, 35, can be seen doing what appears to be a belly flop into the water near a stunning waterfall while his wife, Elsa Pataky, coolly lounges in the background.

Reynolds, 42, was quick to slam the Aussie's latest athletic feat, commenting, "I can't believe the water was only an inch deep. So sorry. Hope you're recovering okay."

Perhaps Reynolds is still bitter from being rejected from the Avengers team?

Hemsworth didn't hesitate to stick up for his epic dive, dubbing it a "legend." 

"Yes I may have misjudged the depth @vancityreynolds, but scars fade, the legend of this leap will live on forever," he quipped, adding the hashtag #worthit.

This isn't the first time the two have taken to social media to exchange a few laughs. Just last August, when Hemsworth was celebrating his 35th birthday, the two joked that they could be on the verge of switching roles.

"Immediately after this shot was taken my son viciously attacked me from behind (due to his ninja training) and slammed my face into the flaming candles, I’ll now be playing Deadpool if @vancityreynolds pulls the pin #bestbirthdayever @elsapatakyconfidential" Hemsworth captioned a birthday pic.

Reynolds hilariously commented back, "Weird. My daughter JUST stabbed me in the right eye. (She’s not a ninja, but she IS a bit of a d*ck) Point is, We can finally trade roles... (Happy Birthday Bubba!)"