Ryan Reynolds Trolls Fans By Tweeting Link to 'Detective Pikachu' 'Full Movie'

Ryan Reynolds and Detective Pikachu (inset)
Michael Stewart/FilmMagic, YouTube

Ryan Reynolds shocked the world on Tuesday when he low-key tweeted out a link to a YouTube video titled, "POKÉMON Detective Pikachu: Full Picture."

The video, which is over an hour and 43 minutes, begins with a convincing series of studio logos, followed by the actual first few moments of the film. It then instantly segues into a very long and surprisingly enjoyable loop of Reynolds' eponymous furry P.I. dancing in what appears to be an '80s-inspired jazzercise video.

Sorry to get your hopes up, but it looks like fans who want to see Pokemon: Detective Pikachu will still have to pay for it.

Reynolds took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, retweeting a link from a twitter account called Inspector Pikachu, which was created this month and has only shared the one link.

"Um.... Attn @DetPikachuMovie @warnerbros," Reynolds tweeted.

Meanwhile, the official Detective Pikachu Twitter account subtly changed their Twitter name to "Detective Leakachu," in a subtle nod to the clever viral marketing scheme.

The hilarious gag feels appropriate considering Reynolds' experience with out-of-the-box advertising techniques for both of his Deadpool films.

In fact, the nearly 2-hour video of dancing Pikachu sounds somewhat similar to the video the filmmakers and producers sent Reynolds to convince him to lend his voice to the project.

"[The filmmakers] sent me this fully rendered Detective Pikachu and they married it and paired it with my voice from dialogue from Deadpool," he told ET's Nischelle Turner at the film's premiere in Tokyo late last month. "So I'm watching and looking at this completely hyper-realistic, photo-realistic Detective Pikachu on my computer, and my daughter kind of cruises by and is glued to it."

"She made us watch it a hundred times in a row. So I was kind of in, even if the script was literally made of old spit I would have been like, 'Yup, I'm doing it. I'm in,'" he added. "I need more of that validation from my child."

Check out Reynolds' take on the fan favorite character when Pokemon: Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10.


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