Ryan Seacrest's Girlfriend Shayna Taylor Sweetly Recalls How They First Met

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor
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The story of how Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor first met is too cute.

The American Idol host's 27-year-old girlfriend shares with Good Housekeeping how she came to be introduced to the 44-year-old TV personality at a Los Angeles restaurant back in 2013.

"I guess he really wanted to talk to me and one of his friends he was sitting with happened to know someone in my group so they were texting to see if I came with anyone in the group, because he was trying to figure out if I was with a guy," Taylor recalls, noting that she didn't even think that Seacrest was interested in her until her friend told her via a note on her phone: "Ryan likes you."

Seacrest still appeared a little shy, with Taylor remembering, "His friends come over and basically sit me in an interview chair and start asking me all these questions to be funny and he came over and took my hairband off my wrist as an intro point, like eighth grade."

She adds, "It's now this funny thing we laugh about when he takes my hairband, it's like we reminisce."

Taylor admits that she wasn't super starstruck upon meeting Seacrest, saying, "Ryan obviously is a huge celebrity but he's not like ... an artist where everyone is like 'Ooh, ahh, like so excited,' you know what I mean? For me, I was just like 'Oh cool, Ryan Seacrest.'"

Taylor and Seacrest have been dating off and on for six years and, according to GH, she recently moved to New York City to be with her beau, whose show, Live With Kelly and Ryan, is taped in the Big Apple.

ET learned back in February that the two had split, but by the time August rolled around, they were spotted together again in Positano, Italy

As for whether things could turn more serious between these two, when ET spoke with Seacrest last December, he said he wasn't feeling any pressure to get married. At the time, his family was more focused on his sister, Meredith, who gave birth to her first child, Flora, just a few weeks later.

"No [pressure]," he assured ET. "Here's the good news about my family: They are so distracted that my sister is having a baby in about three days, they don't even know I exist."


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