S Club on Their Reunion Tour Following Paul Cattermole's Death: 'He Would Have Loved It' (Exclusive)

The band - formerly known as S Club 7 - opened up to ET about their forthcoming shows and honoring their late member's legacy.

The beloved British pop group S Club performed their final US show on Tuesday at The Orpheum theater in Los Angeles, wrapping up their 25th Anniversary tour -- The Good Times Tour -- to a sold-out crowd.

Band members Jon Lee, Tina Barrett, Jo O'Meara, Bradley McIntosh and Rachel Stevens spoke with ET's Denny Directo ahead of Tuesday's show, and reflected on their anniversary tour -- as well as the loss of their bandmate, Paul Cattermole, who died of heart failure in April 2023 at age 46.

"It's been nostalgic going back, especially to L.A. actually, because obviously we filmed all our TV shows here and spent so much time here," Stevens shared. "So it's felt so familiar. But yeah, being back here and performing in the States has been such an amazing experience."

The band -- formerly known as S Club 7 -- first announced their anniversary tour last year, but revealed they'd changed the name of the tour after Cattermole's death.

They'd been planning to tour for some time, and McIntosh explained, "Paul was so so excited to do the tour and I think he would be really really angry with us if would have stopped it. I really do."

"He would have loved it so much," Lee added.

"But I know it was never a question to not do it. I think it just turned into something different," Stevens shared. "Like, we renamed the tour The Good Times Tour in tribute to him, 'cause that was [what] he was going to, acoustically, in the show. And it just became a real beautiful tribute and celebration for him, and for the fans too."

According to Barrett, the group has "kept in touch with his family, and they came to one of the shows. They just really thought it was beautifully done, and respectful."

"I think Paul would want to be remembered as just being crazy and goofy and fun, you know?" O'Meara chimed in. "Because he was just such a bundle of energy. And I think we've all realized that you notice it, more than ever, that energy is missing."

McIntosh revealed that the group "got a tattoo the other day on Venice beach" which read "Good Times" in honor of Cattermole. The performer explained that the design included "a little heart for Paul."

The bandmates carried on after losing Cattermole, however, and performed a number of shows, bringing their celebrated energy and good vibes to fans across the globe -- albeit without former band member Hannah Spearritt.

"I think that the main thing is just the positivity of the songs and the music. And I think people just seem to love that whole positive thing that we put out," O'Meara said of the group's fanbase. "Because, you know, there's so much negativity in the world. So I think it's just a nice way for people just to escape back to, you know, more innocent times maybe."


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