Sadie Robertson Gives Birth to First Child With Husband Christian Huff

The 'Duck Dynasty' star is officially a mom!

Sadie Robertson has given birth to her baby girl, Honey! The 23-year-old Duck Dynasty star announced she and her husband, Christian Huff, welcomed their first child together on May 11. The new mom shared the exciting news, as well as the first family photo on her Instagram on Wednesday.

"we saw a million little miracles yesterday - the best one being this girl right here... Honey 💛," she captioned the post. "the pure goodness of God. story to come, but I’m way too occupied right now by cuteness. 5.11.21"

The new dad also shared photos of his little girl and Robertson on his Instagram, captioning the shots, "Welcome to the world sweet honey girl 🍯."

Just last month, the reality star revealed that she and her husband would be naming their daughter Honey. She also shared the sweet meaning behind it.

"'Gracious words are like HONEY, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.' Proverbs 16:24. I’ve always loved this verse. It's made me have a love for the idea of all that honey is. It’s a sweet delicacy with a strong healing component," she explained. "When Christian and I started dating we went through the book of Proverbs together and I remember getting to chapter 16 and as I read verse 24 I said to him, 'You have words like honey. They are so sweet and are healing places in my heart I didn’t even know needed to be healed.'"

The 23-year-old recalled their first date and going to a pottery class together. "On my cup I simply wrote 'honey,'" she wrote, telling people to swipe for the photo of their date and her mug. "Because I called him the boy with the honey words. Fast forward 2 and a half years later and we have a daughter on the way who we so proudly get to name after one of the loveliest words. Not to mention this word reminds me of my great grandma who calls everyone she loves honey."

ET spoke to Robertson five weeks before her due date, and she was excited to meet her child.

"I'm so ready," she said. "Currently I have a little booty in my rib cage, so I'm ready for her to be in the real world. I can't wait."

She also gave us hints about her baby name.

"It is not a family name necessarily, but someone in my family did inspire the name," she said.

Robertson announced she was pregnant in October, and she and Huff have been married since November 2019. Her pregnancy hasn't been without complications. She got COVID-19 while pregnant and talked about her experience on her podcast, WHOA That's Good.

"All the physical pain on top of the loneliness of it, the isolation of it, makes you feel this depression that is something that I'd never experienced before," she said. "I'm not going to lie, I cried a lot."

"It's really a dark sickness," she added.

Robertson eventually recovered and celebrated her baby shower in February.

Back in September, Robertson candidly talked to ET about body confidence, anxiety and finding her faith on an episode of Unfiltered. She also praised her husband when reflecting on her past dating life, noting that looking back now, she wished she "spoke up to guys who just didn't treat me right."

"I wish I spoke up to the guy who was constantly talking about the way that my body looked and could be better," she said. "If I would have just spoken up for myself, or just stood up for myself, that would have saved me a lot of hurt."

"However, you do grow from those things," she continued. "Now that I'm married to Christian, who is just the most affirming and encouraging person ever, [I realized] finding your voice in those times will save you from a long couple of nights of crying."

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