Sadie Robertson on Giving Back to Brides Whose Weddings Were Cancelled Amid Coronavirus (Exclusive)

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Sadie Robertson wants to do some good amid the stress that comes with the coronavirus pandemic. 

The former Duck Dynasty star revealed on Instagram last week that she was hoping to help brides feel special as they were forced to cancel or postpone their wedding amid the outbreak. Robertson was hoping to send the women a gift or some encouragement on what would have been their wedding day, but over 40,000 comments later, "there's something a lot bigger on our hands," she told ET. 

"I was thinking like 100 to 500 maybe people that follow me realistically [would respond]," Robertson said in an interview with ET's Cassie DiLaura on Friday. "So, my idea was just to write them a letter on their wedding day. 'I'm gonna look up a gift and maybe I can send it,' thinking it was going to be this amount that I could do this for." 

"There are a lot of brides who have had this huge disappointment in their wedding being postponed or canceled or having to have a wedding that wasn't what they expected," she explained. "There's so much disappointment that comes with that." 

Robertson -- who married Christian Huff last November -- offered all brides who filled out a form three months of free membership on her empowerment website, LO Fam, which offers "prayer, support, and encouragement" in an online community. 

"It has been the coolest thing watching these brides encourage each other. It's so cute, all the brides are posting their engagement photos, their love stories," she said. "We're really getting to know more about them in this time of heartache but also looking forward to the celebration that they will have one day."

"The biggest thing that people want is community, because we're all sort of in this isolation," she added.

As for the advice she'd offer brides whose wedding plans have been upended, Roberston said "the most important part is clearly your marriage." 

"Focusing on your marriage before you get married is so important and so many times we put so much preparation into the wedding and then you’re like, 'Wow I'm married,'" she shared. "Christian and I did so much. We did marriage counseling, we had those tough conversations. We did all these different things. We created dates, and it really helps our marriage, because now we’re coming into this marriage as best friends who are having fun, who are learning about each other, who are challenging each other but in a good way." 

Robertson and Huff have been quarantining with her family in Louisiana amid the pandemic, and while it's comforting to be with family, the newlyweds are also learning a lot about each other. 

"We lived together, but you really live together now," she noted. "For me, on days where I don't have anything to do, I don't like to just sit and not do anything. I want to create like a dance video, I want to sing songs, I want to write something, start a movement. Christian is so content with just sitting and reading and all this stuff, and so we've had to like balance days of like, 'OK, he's gonna do all my activities or we're just gonna have some quiet time and learn to rest.'" 

"We've played a lot of tennis, we've played a lot of Uno, and so it's strengthening for our teammate skills and challenging in different ways for our differences," she added. 

With so many family members -- including some more vulnerable to coronavirus -- the Robertson family is taking precautions to slow the spread of the disease. However, they're also focusing on the positive as they quarantine. 

"We love it here. They have a pond, so everybody has been fishing. They have different games, so we've all been playing games, and Dad's been cooking," Robertson said. "We have made the most out of this time, for sure."

See more on Robertson in the video below. 


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