Sadie Robertson Wants to Help Brides Who Had to Postpone Their Weddings Because of Coronavirus

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Sadie Robertson wants brides everywhere to feel special amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The 22-year-old former Duck Dynasty star took to Instagram earlier this week to share her desire to help out brides who've had to cancel or postpone their big days. 

"I know so many people are being affected by COVID-19 in many different ways, but a group of people that has especially been on my heart lately are the ones who have had to cancel/postpone their weddings due to the circumstances," Robertson wrote. "Being a bride this past year, I know how much planning, scheduling, anticipation and excitement goes into your wedding day. I have been racking my brain with what I can do to help, and I know nothing can fix the frustration that would come having to cancel or postpone your wedding, but I would love to encourage you on what would have been your big day." 

Robertson then asked her followers to comment on the post with what was supposed to have been their wedding dates and to fill out forms telling her about their love stories. She noted that she would then send those brides special gifts on their dates in addition to offering them three months of free membership on her empowerment website, LO Fam, which offers "prayer, support, and encouragement" in an online community. 

On Tuesday, Robertson updated her fans noting that almost 40,000 brides commented on the original post and that thousands of forms were filled out. 

"Wow, I can not believe how many of your weddings are affected by this time and I’m so so so sorry to hear that," she wrote. "Keep in mind this is just ya girl sending something out with my little team. All that being said we are working our little quarantine butts off to get the quantity of gifts to send y’all :) But with the large number we had to cap it at 5,000 brides for now." 

She offered everyone who had filled out forms a code to her site, adding, "I am also working on writing a workshop we can all do together in this group during our quarantine time."

Robertson tied the knot with Christian Huff in November 2019, and this past February, she told ET Live that there's always a possibility of a reality show for the couple. 

“I’m not going to say ‘never,’ because we would have never thought we would have a TV show in the first place,” she said. “It was crazy. But maybe one day. Everything’s changed though. Now I’m married, John Luke and Mary-Kate have a baby -- we grew three family members this year. So much life has happened that if we did it, it would look so different, so I don’t know.”



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