Sam Hunt on Tour Life With Pregnant Wife Hannah and Daughter Lucy, Prepping for Baby No. 2 (Exclusive)

Sam Hunt and Hannah Fowler
John Shearer/Getty Images

The singer dishes on why having his family on the road is important and post-tour baby number two plans.

Sam Hunt is on the road with the women in his life!

The 35-year-old singer is currently on his Summer on the Outskirts Tour, and is in the company of his pregnant wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, and their 1-year-old daughter, Lucy. 

"I have in the past compartmentalized my home life and my work life, to the point that it's almost like I just put on a completely different hat when I leave the house and go do my work deal," he tells ET's Rachel Smith, who spoke with him for ET's Certified Country. "And then I come home and take that hat off. But it's been cool to bring those worlds together."

Hunt and Fowler shared the news that they were expecting their second child in April, but having a baby on board did not stop Fowler from hitting the road with her man to make sure he gets some quality family time.

"I love having them out here because there's so much downtime during the day," the "Body Like a Back Road" singer says. "I would be missing so much, you know, we're going three, four or five days at a time sometimes. And she [Lucy] is developing so quickly right now."

Hunt may be the top billed performer onstage, but the true stars are Lucy and Fowler -- who are getting the best princess treatment.

"Hannah is expecting a baby. I know it hasn't been easy for her," he says of all the traveling. "I appreciate her making the effort to come out here and ride these tour buses. She's taken over my bed in the back of a bus."

He adds, "We've got a cool little setup for Lu and she's loving it. She's sleeping great on the bus."

On the road, Hunt is still making sure he's getting in the post-show "hangs" with the band and crew. However, having his baby girl on the road means adjusting his sleep schedule to suit her needs, and taking some of the load off of his wife.

Lucy, for her part, is experiencing the great outdoors. Hunt recently shared a video of his daughter playing with a lizard, which took him back to growing up as a child.

"I grew up, like, catching lizards was something that I specifically remember doing as a kid that my dad sort of taught us to do," he says of the sweet moment. "And he taught us not to be afraid of lizards and snakes and that sort of thing. So it's so nostalgic. But I was sitting there, we were sitting on the porch, and a little lizard popped up. And it was just a cool little moment."

And while Little Lucy is experiencing life on the road, Hunt isn't sure he wants his kids to take the path to music. 

"Yeah, it depends on the motivation," he tells ET about letting his children follow in his footsteps. "I don't want them to see it as a path to fame. Music is a big part of my life and always has been. I would never want to deprive my children of pursuing that gift if they have it in their life. It depends. Hopefully we can try and let them figure it out. If they're in it for the right reasons, I would encourage them."

Hunt's tour is ending just in time for him to spend the fall getting his head in the game, as he and Fowler are set to welcome their baby in October. 

"I'm really looking forward to baby No. 2 showing up in October," he tells ET. "The tour is gonna wrap at the end of September, so I'll have about three-and-a-half weeks to prepare. And we're gonna wait to find out girl, boy on the day of, so I'm really excited about that surprise."

Hunt also admits he's ready for the extra daddy duties. 

"I think so," he shares. "I think I have more to offer than I'm not able to offer right now. Hannah right now for the past 12-14 months, she's done a whole lot of work. There hasn't been much for me to do other than cheerleading. She's kinda doing it all. I help out. I changed lot of diapers. With two, it's gonna be all hands on deck. I'll be able to step up and carry my weight."

Making the transition from life on the road to a new chapter in fatherhood doesn't mean the party is over, though. It just means Hunt has had the time to level up. 

"It's been amazing," he says. "It's pretty unreal what children showing up in your life will do for you."