Samira Wiley Got in Trouble With Her Wife Lauren Morelli for a Social Media Post Ahead of Baby's Birth

Lauren Morelli and Samira Wiley
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Samira Wiley and her wife, Lauren Morelli, planned to keep the birth of their first child private. So in March when the 34-year-old Handmaid's Tale actress posted a mischievous-looking selfie on Instagram, writing, "I have a secret," her writer wife was not pleased. 

"The baby was not the secret!" Wiley insisted on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live. "This is a real window into who I am as a person. I hadn't even thought about the baby when I posted about the secret." 

In reality, Wiley was referencing the latest season of her Hulu drama, The Handmaid's Tale. 

"I posted it, and then my wife saw it and she was like, 'I thought we decided we weren't going to post about the baby,'" Wiley said of Morelli, whom she met on the set of Orange Is the New Black. "I'm like, 'What?!' And she's like, 'You posted about the baby.' And I'm like, 'No, I didn't!' So I had to go and do damage control. I'm going through my emails like, 'I think they sent me a video of The Handmaid's Tale, we gotta post that immediately after.'"

Despite her efforts, Wiley noted that "Every single comment was about we are going to have a baby and then we did."

After keeping the pregnancy a secret, Wiley and Morelli welcomed their daughter, George, in April, but waited until Mother's Day to share the news. 

Host Kimmel asked Wiley why she settled on the name George, and she kept her answer simple. 

"People are very confused, some people, by it," she admitted of the traditionally male name. "I really wish that I had some in-depth story to tell people about George because I know that's what people want. You've got to give the people what they want. But I just really like the name. I just think it's really cute."


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