Sandra Bullock on Modern Parenting Struggles and Sending Her Kids to College 'Down the Street'

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Sandra Bullock’s kids can try and go as far as they wish for college -- however, their famous mom will likely be in tow!

The 55-year-old actress interviews her Hollywood pal, Jennifer Aniston, for the new issue of Interview magazine, and during their candid discussion, Aniston shares the one thing that makes her sad is the news.

“Turning on the television, listening to the news, reading the paper -- that can make me really sad and really angry,” Aniston says. “The division that’s been taking place. The complete chaos that’s existing. When people show greed and bad behavior and a lack of gratitude. It’s so hard to put this in an eloquent way. When you see people behaving badly and hurting other people, that makes me very angry. And abuse of animals, obviously.”

This prompts Bullock to open up about the concerns she feels raising her 10-year-old son, Louis, and 7-year-old daughter, Laila, in such a world.

“I look at everyone who is trying to raise kids, and I go, ‘How are we supposed to raise children outside of a bubble? And, show them the difference between right and wrong, and what kindness looks like, when it’s really hard to find it with all the noise on a screen?’” she says. “Screens are everywhere.”

Aniston responds, “You can protect your children as much as possible, but they’re eventually going to become an 18-year old and go out in the world and they’re going to see all of it.”

However, Bullock isn’t having it! Her hilarious response is that she plans to stay close enough to her kids throughout their lives so that she can shield them from the harsh realities of the world forever.

“Not my kids,” she quips. “I gave them the places where they can go to college because that’s where Mommy feels comfortable living. I said, ‘You can go to these three colleges because I’m going to buy an apartment down the street.’"

“You’re actually building a college at the bottom of the hill right now,” Aniston says in response. “By the time Louis and Laila are at the right ages, it’ll be: ‘I’ll just drive you there every single day. We can even walk and make it a physical experience.’”

Bullock was all for this idea, joking she can tell her children, “Jen says we need to get in 20,000 steps a day,” before walking them to college.

While Bullock is happy to get those steps in, she admitted that, like Aniston, she actually prefers to stay at home.

“I know you and I like to stay at home and be surrounded by the things that we’ve cultivated that are safe,” she says. “It’s scary entering the world, but when we do, we feel good and we’re glad we did it. But the dread of being around people, I need to get better with that.”

Bullock then noted that she’s even less inclined to maintain a social life once Aniston is out of town.

“Well, you do have a lovely home and a stunning man and two gorgeous children,” Aniston responds.

In December, Bullock opened up to ET about becoming a mother later in life, despite her wishes to have children at a younger age.

"I would have been pregnant or knocked up at 17, and my mother knew that and she kept me under lock and key," Bullock said at the time. "I wanted to be a mom at a very young age, so I kind of felt the drive and the desire to."

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