Sandra Bullock Pokes Fun at the Idea of Her Secret to Looking Ageless (Exclusive)

The 'Bird Box' actress revealed the real reason she always looks flawless, and it has a lot to do with 'hours of hair and makeup.'

If you go online and search for Sandra Bullock a recurring theme is how the actress seems to escape the ravages of time -- and it's a concept that the Oscar winner can't help but laugh at.

Bullock recently sat down with ET's Kevin Frazier -- alongside her Bird Box co-star Trevante Rhodes -- and jokingly "revealed" her anti-aging secrets.

"I'm sleeping in a container that is devoid of of outside carcinogens, that helps lift what you don't have and - come on, please!" Bullock riffed. "The only time you see me is when I do press junkets. Do you know how many hours of hair and makeup this took? Two and a half hours!"

According to the actress, her real "secret" to looking good is putting in a whole lot of time and effort because it's part of the job.

"I'm gonna work this look all day today and then I'm gonna go home and take a shower, and it's gonna happen again at 8 o'clock in the morning," she explained. "I'm never out in the world where I get photographed unless it's in things like that, so I just look my best."

Although Rhodes revealed that some of it also has to do with Bullock's commitment to staying fit.

"The truth is, before set everyday, she would show up in her workout [gear]," the 28-year-old actor shared. "So she works out every day. That's what it is."

Staying in shape also seemed to be almost a requirement for what Bullock would have to bring to set while shooting her intense post-apocalyptic thriller.

In Bird Box, Bullock plays a mother of two children desperately trying to survive in a world overrun with monsters who can kill you just by being seen. The trio wander blindfolded through deadly terrain, struggling to find safety or shelter while facing danger at every turn.

As a mother of two herself, Bullock said that there are elements of her own experiences with parenting that she was able to tap into for the role -- especially when it came to scenes in which her on-screen children were in danger, and she had to command their attention with an authoritative tone.

"You know that you can go there. I try really hard not to go there with my kids but you do that when you're scared, [like] when your child about runs into traffic," Bullock said. "It is the fear, and the beast that comes out… you become a human being you don't like, but it's the only thing you know how to do [to protect your kids]."

Bullock and Rhodes' pulse-pounding post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box hits Netflix Dec. 21.