Sandra Bullock Recalls Losing Her Father and Two Dogs Just Weeks Apart

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Sandra Bullock is reflecting on her year of heartbreak.

During her guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, the 54-year-old actress opens up about what it was like losing her father and two of her dogs within weeks apart.

The Bird Box star's father, John W. Bullock, died at the age of 93 in September, around the same time her beloved pets Poppy and Ruby died.

"Life, I realized, happens whether you schedule it or not," Sandra tells host Ellen DeGeneres. "That just blew my mind this year."

"My dad died, and then while my dad was failing, we get a call from the nanny that our dog, Ruby, the two-legger, had a stroke," she continues. "And I’m like, 'What, what?' I was like, 'Just put her on life support. Do something.' And they go, 'We can't. She's suffering.' So I was like, 'OK,  there’s a reason for this.' Dad’s settled. We fly home."

Sandra continues on, telling Ellen she received even more terrible news just "days later."

"The nanny comes into the room. She’s got a look on her face," she explains. "I'm like, 'What did the kids [Louis, 8, and Laila, 6] do?' She’s like, 'I need to speak to you in the bedroom.' And I was like, 'OK,' and she goes, 'Your other dog has a heart tumor, and she’s going to die in three days.'"

"So, you know what, it’s life,” she added. "But, you know, when you lose your little rides-or-die, it makes things different."

Luckily, Sandra received plenty of hugs and support from her children during the tumultuous time. She became a mom for the first time in 2010 when she adopted son Louis, and welcomed daughter Laila into her life via adoption in 2015.

When ET spoke with her earlier this month, she opened up about wanting kids at an early age -- and why that never happened.

"I would have been pregnant or knocked up at 17. I wanted to be a mom at a very young age. So I kind of felt the drive and the desire to," she explained. "My mother knew that and she kept me under lock and key."

Hear from the exclusive interview in the video below.


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