Sarah Hyland Proud of Her New 'Strong' Body, Reveals She Weighed 75 Pounds

Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

The 'Modern Family' star has been working hard to regain her heath.

Sarah Hyland is getting candid about her health and fitness journey. 

The Modern Family star revealed on her Instagram Story on Thursday that she weighed 75 pounds earlier this year, but was hard at work to regain her health, and couldn't be more "proud" of her fit physique. 

"Realllllly did NOT want to come in today," she wrote alongside a video of herself at the gym. "But I'm very glad I diiiiid. Be strong out there ladies!!! Every workout counts!" 

"Very proud of this seeing as I was 75 lbs earlier this year," she captioned a mirror selfie showing off her toned bod. 


Hyland, who was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia and received a kidney transplant in 2012, has previously opened up to fans about her health struggles. She was hospitalized for unknown reasons in late June, and and in March, she tweeted, "For those who are chronically ill and in chronic pain: Have you had the experience of doctors not listening to you? If so, how do you not tear their heads off with your bare hands?”

The 27-year-old actress has also been outspoken about combating body shaming. Earlier this week, she clapped back at Instagram trolls accusing her of being too skinny. 

"I’ve been reading some of your DMs and so many of you are like, ‘Girl, you fine but like, eat some bread!’ So I would like to put in a request for anyone who is concerned about my bread consumption to send to Wells Adams, because he is the sole person who knows about how much bread I consume on a daily basis. Thanks! Love you, mean it, k bye,” Hyland said in her Instagram story. 

And in May 2017, she told Twitter followers that due to her health, she was "not in control of what my body looks like." 

“‘Eat a burger,’ ‘your head is bigger than your body and that’s disgusting,’” she wrote. “And you’re right! … No one’s head should be bigger than their body but considering I’ve basically been on bed rest for the past few months, I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass. My circumstances have put me in a place where I’m not in control of what my body looks like. So I strive to be as healthy as possible, as everyone should.”

See more on Hyland in the video below.