Sarah Jeffery Dishes on New Song 'Even the Stars' and the Possibility of 'Descendants 4' (Exclusive)

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Sarah Jeffery can definitely see more Descendants in the future, but she also has her own ideas of what the stories could look like. ET's Leanne Aguilera spoke with the 24-year-old actress and singer about her latest single, "Even the Stars," and its accompanying music video, which she recently released, but also touched on the possibility of continuing the Disney Channel fantasy films.

"It's such a cool world that they've created. There are so many different possibilities," Jeffery, who played Princess Audrey, daughter of Princess Aurora, in the films, explained. "I feel like a Descendants could totally happen, but also a spinoff could happen, with new characters and new daughters and sons of princesses and princes and other villains. You really have endless possibilities there."

"I will be forever grateful for Descendants and the family I made there and the experiences I had," she added. "So I would love to do something."

She also sees a future for Audrey, telling ET, "She's kind of gone through everything. She's been the mean girl, she's been the heartbroken girl, and I just kind of want to see her be friends with people."

"If Audrey were to exist in another iteration of Descendants or another movie, I think that it would finally be nice for her to be a gal pal," she shared. "It'd be nice and cool. I think that would be awesome."

Last week, Jeffery and the Descendants stars, as well as many others, paid tribute to Cameron Boyce on the one-year anniversary of his untimely death. Boyce died suddenly in his sleep July 6, 2019, at the age of 20, after suffering a fatal seizure amid his ongoing struggle with epilepsy. His passing left an emptiness in the hearts of many of his co-stars.

"I feel so lucky to have known him and create such special memories and moments with him," Jeffery expressed. "I feel like his spirit is so alive and always will be. I have pictures of him up and framed and everything. I keep in touch with the cast and we like to check in on each other, and his passing obviously had a profound impact on so many people. It just reminded [me] to hold the people that I have really close. And I think about his family so much, and just really, really miss him."

Jeffery, meanwhile, couldn't be more grateful for her Descendants fans for being "so dedicated and lovely" and making her previous single, "Queen of Mean," certified gold. Her fans also can't seem to get enough of her latest tune, "Even the Stars."

"We recorded this back in November and then kind of sat on it for a while, and I think the timing just ended up working out really well," she says of her single, co-created with Rock Mafia. "We shot the video during the pandemic, we released it during the pandemic, it all just kind of fit together. I think it's such an important message right now. So many people are obviously struggling, such a strange time. And myself, I'm having trouble navigating it, so I feel it's nice to bring some levity to the world right now."

The music video, she noted, had to be reworked due to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines. Explaining that they had a "beautiful big concept" with dancers, she said, "We obviously had to reconsider once COVID struck. So we reworked it."

"It had to be outside and it had to be a very small crew. So we did just that, everyone was wearing face masks, and face shields and gloves. There were sanitization stations everywhere and it felt safe. I have to say, I think they did a great job," she said.

Check out the music video below.


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