Sarah Jessica Parker Shares Rare Photos of Daughters to Celebrate Their Last Day of Sixth Grade

Sarah Jessica Parker
Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's twins, Marion and Tabitha, are celebrating a milestone.

Sarah Jessica Parker's twins, Marion and Tabitha, are celebrating a milestone. On Friday, the actress shared rare pictures of her and her husband Matthew Broderick's 11-year-old daughters in honor of their last day in the sixth grade.

The 56-year-old actress Instagrammed two photos -- one of Marion and one of Tabitha -- both taken from the back as they walk while wearing identical backpacks.

"So long to 6th grade. Hello to our rising 7th graders," Parker wrote. "Thank you dear teachers. For your kindness, good humor, your shared love of your work and all the whole family learned about Venice, Baghdad, Spain and even our own global city New York! Sisters, take the battery out of your alarm clock! Happy summer!"

While Parker and Broderick are relatively private about their kids, she has shared pictures on social media on them on special occasions. In May, she Instagrammed a picture of their 18-year-old son, James Wilkie, to mark his high school graduation, again, only showing him from the back.

"Into the sunset of his High School career," she wrote. "Field day. The period at the end of a long sentence. And all the sunrises and sunsets in his future. It's a milestone. Not fully understood til it's on your doorstep. And til they cross the threshold into their next mostly mysterious chapter."

"We, all of us Parker-Brodericks are proud, weepy and so looking forward to celebrating your coming graduation," she continued. Enjoy this beautiful day, you have earned it. We love you so dear Son and brother. X, Mama."

Back in 2019, Parker spoke to ET about James going to college.

"I can't know, I can't imagine what that feeling is to say goodbye to a child and hope you've left them with everything they need, here and here," she said, pointing to her head and heart. "I think what's important for them to see is that I like being a working person, and it's hard and it's interesting to me. I'm a curious person."

"Really, what I like to share with them is being curious has rewards and they don't come immediately," she added. "It's a cumulation of curiosity and asking questions and seeking out opportunities. But what I want to tell them is curiosity is the gateway to all sorts of things you might never have imagined. And success is not the destination point for me and I don't want them to focus on success because I think it's come to me too much. The destination is having experiences, learning how to be with other people and what are coping mechanisms in a challenging day?"

These days, Parker is busy, of course, with the highly anticipated Sex and the City revival. On Friday, she shared pictures from the revival's first table read. For more on Parker reprising her iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw in HBO Max's And Just Like That… series, watch the video below.