Sarah Michelle Gellar Jokingly Says She Bit Beyonce With Funny ‘Buffy’ Throwback Pics!

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Beyonce
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The actress got in on the on-going mystery of who bit Beyonce on the face.

Buffy the Beyonce Biter?

Sarah Michelle Gellar has jokingly claimed responsibility for one of the biggest mysteries of our time: Who bit Beyonce?

After Tiffany Haddish alleged to GQ that she saw an actress bite Beyonce on the face the first night they met, the search for this mystery woman has been ongoing. On Tuesday, Gellar, 40, took to Instagram to take the blame for the biting.

“All right, I admit it. It was me. #TheBiter,” she captioned two shots from her Buffy the Vampire Slayer days, sporting vampire fangs.

Though Buffy is obviously in charge of staking the vamps (for any confusion, see the show’s title), in a season one episode, “Nightmares,” she turns into a vampire herself and lives out one of her biggest fears.

Gellar isn’t the first celeb to get in on the fun of Beyonce’s mystery biter. American Crime Story creator Ryan Murphy took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce the new season of his hit showAmerican Crime Story: Who Bit Beyonce?

Several stars have also publicly denied biting Queen Bey, including Lena Dunham, Sara Foster and Sanaa Lathan.

Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen corroborated Haddish's story, confirming there was a bite. However, the supermodel insists on keeping quiet about who sunk their teeth into Beyonce.

“The problem is, I love everybody involved, so, I’m like, 'zip,'” she explained on Tuesday's Today show.

For more on #BiteGate, watch the clip below!