Sarah Paulson Talks Drew Barrymore Confronting Her About Her Impression

Sarah Paulson and Drew Barrymore
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Sarah Paulson wasn’t prepared for the consequences of her hilarious impressions!

The American Horror Story actress originally showed off her spot-on takes on Holly Hunter, Kathleen Turner and Drew Barrymore during a Tonight Show appearance last September.

On Tuesday’s Tonight Show, Paulson revealed to host Jimmy Fallon that she was forced to own up to the impersonations when she recently saw Barrymore.

“I didn’t realize how that could potentially be a problem because somebody might be a little offended,” the 43-year-old actress confessed. “I ran into Drew Barrymore at Ellen DeGeneres’ 60th birthday party… and all of the sudden I had this white out in terror thinking, like, I did an impression of her on national television. She may hate my guts.”

Despite what went down the last time she was on The Tonight Show, Paulson said Barrymore played it cool.

“But she didn’t [hate my guts]. She thought I was OK,” she quipped, before breaking into her impression of the actress. “She was like, ‘Sarah that was such a good impression. I thought it was so, so accurate. I feel super honored. It was so sweet of you.’”

Paulson added that she had plenty of awkward celebrity encounters on the set of her new film, Oceans 8.

“It was kind of crazy. You’ve got Sandra Bullock, you’ve got Mindy Kaling, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna – then it kind of puts you in a tiny bit of, you don’t know what line to straddle,” she explained. “You’ve got ‘B**ch Betta Have My Money’ and then you’ve got Shakespeare’s ‘R Us on the other side with Cate, where you’re like, ‘Oh, are you reading Theroux? I should probably read that Theroux too!’ And then with Rihanna you’re like, ‘Can I just sit near you?’”

The Golden Globe winner added, “I wanted to be cool around her. I wish I had worn a diaper when I met her because I sort of [peed], just a little squirt.”

Paulson recently opened up to ET about the upcoming season of American Horror Story. Watch the clip below for the exclusive interview:­­


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