'Saturday Night Live': Donald Trump Rants About Starbucks Christmas Cups, Gay Marriage and Eminem in Cold Open

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on SNL

Alec Baldwin returned as Trump to mock his slew of new scandals and recent feuds.

Saturday Night Live took aim at President Donald Trump yet again over the weekend in a cold open lampooning all the recent controversies, scandals and feuds he's gotten in over the last two weeks.

Alec Baldwin once again reprised his well-trodden Trump impression for rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and delivered what was essentially a rapid-fire run-down of references to current events.

From his very public arguments with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Republican senator Bob Corker, to his hilariously terrible pronunciation of "Puerto Rico," Baldwin's Trump mocked nearly every headline in recent weeks – including Vice President Mike Pence's recent departure from an Indianapolis Colts game.

Earlier this week, Pence left an NFL game between the Colts and the San Francisco 49ers after seeing some players take a knee during the national anthem. Trump later tweeted that the vice president did so at his request.

During the cold open, Trump gives the VP a call while he's at a basketball game, but has Pence flee when some players started kneeling during the anthem.

Soon after, Trump rings Pence up again while he's in line at Starbucks to see if the coffee house is properly representing Christmas.

"I need you to check the cups. Do they say 'Happy Holidays' or do they say 'Merry Christmas?'" Trump asks.

Pence explains that it's still too early in the year for Christmas cups, but Trump doesn't care.

"They should have me, as Santa Claus, giving all the children coal because coal is the future of this country," Trump declares.

"It says 'Pumpkin Spice is back,'" Pence says, nervously.

"Get outta there, Mike!" Trump yells as Pence and his awkward wife quickly shuffle out of the Starbucks.

Later, Trump calls Pence again, this time while the VP is at a random wedding. Pence says the ceremony is going really well, and that the groom looks classy, but then panics when "another groom" shows up, and quickly flees the wedding.

“No one should disrespect the sanctity of marriage," Trump says. "Like it says in my favorite Bible verse, Double Corinthians, marriage is between a man and a woman, then another woman. Then another woman. And maybe one more if you have got it in you."

Toward the end of the cold open, Baldwin's Trump also addresses Eminem's recent freestyle rap that slammed his presidency earlier this week as part of the BET Hip Hop Awards.

"Pretty soon I'm going to release a response rap on the White Entertainment Network – HGTV," Trump promises.