'Saturday Night Live': Jenna Ortega Gets Help From 'Wednesday' Co-Star (and 'SNL' Alum) Fred Armisen

Jenna Ortega and Fred Armisen on 'SNL'

The 'Wednesday' star made her hosting debut over the weekend, alongside musical guest The 1975.

Two reunions at once! Jenna Ortega made her Saturday Night Live debut over the weekend, and got some help during her monologue from her Wednesday co-star -- and former SNL castmember -- Fred Armisen.

Ortega hit the Studio 8H stage in a stylish, dark, semi-sheer ensemble, complete with red lapel flower, and opened up about her reputation for being "dark and twisted" for her choice in acting projects, such as Wednesday, Scream 6 and X.

"I'm not like that at all," Ortega explained. "I think there's just something about my face that when people see it, they're like, 'Let's throw blood on that.'"

After showing a clip from an adorable toothpaste commercial she was in when she was seven, Ortega explained, "I love horror movies, but honestly, I don't get scared very easily. Part of the reason I wanted to host SNL is I wanted to face my biggest fear: happy extroverted people who are always trying to perform."

"Everyone here has been so kind, and this week has been a dream come true," she added. "I've got a couple of friends tonight, including one of my costars from Wednesday, Fred Armisen!"

Cutting to the audience, Armisen was seated among those seating in the front rows, and quickly accepted Ortega's invitation to join her on stage.

"Wow! So this is what it feels like to be on Saturday Night Live," Armisen said, over-enthusiastically. 

"You were on the show for 11 seasons," Ortega deadpanned. "Seriously, Fred, I am so honored that you're here. You're the reason I started watching SNL actually. My favorite sketch of all time is 'The Californians.'"

"Thanks, Jenna. That's so nice. You know, the original idea came to me because I was giving directions," Armisen began, before Ortega quickly interjected. 

"Yeah, we figured it was something like that. It's all good. Thank you, Fred," Ortega said, quickly ushering Armisen off stage.

While his cameo in the monologue was brief, Armisen starred opposite Ortega in one sketch later in the evening -- a reimagining of The Parent Trap that turns out to be a particularly weird take on the classic story.

In Wednesday, Ortega stars as the titular Wednesday Addams, while Armisen has a recurring role as her eccentric Uncle Fester.

Saturday Night Live airs live, coast-to-coast at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC.