'Saturday Night Live': Jim Carrey Makes Debut as Joe Biden in Presidential Debate Cold Open

'SNL' returned for season 46, and the show's newest guest stars made their first impressions.

Saturday Night Live has truly upped the star power for this election-year season, and Jim Carrey's take on Joe Biden might be the jolt the show needs to keep its buzz going. The comedy icon made his guest-starring debut over the weekend for a politically charged cold open that lampooned the recent presidential debates.

The "Cold Open" sketch opened with Chris Wallace (Beck Bennett) promising that he's going to do a good job before President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) immediately cuts him off.

"Tell that to my Adderall, Chris. Now let's get this show on the road and off the rails," Trump begins.

"You did take the COVID test you promised to take in advance, right?" Wallace asks.

"Absolutely. Scout's honor," Trump shoots back, holding up crossed fingers.

Shortly after, Carrey's Biden takes the stage pointing fingers guns and pulling off his sunglasses with a broad smile.

As the debate goes on, Carrey's Biden struggles to maintain his anger issues, talking to himself, breathing into a bag and controlling his rage as he's interrupted at every turn by Baldwin's belligerent Trump. Until, eventually, he tells Trump to shut up -- just as the real-life Biden famously said during the actual debates.

"Look man, I'm a nice guy, but you give me any more guff tonight I'll rip your face off like a mad chimp," Biden yells, before having to talk himself off the ledge. "The country's counting on you Joe! Just stand here and look lucid."

Harry Styles even makes a brief cameo as the voice of a guided meditation tape.

Eventually, Maya Rudolph's Kamala Harris comes on stage as the voice of reason and strength. taking on the role of stern teacher. Making a low-key reference to the night's musical guest, Harris says the country "needs a WAP: a Woman As President."

The debate ends with Biden pausing Trump with a remote control before delivering his ultimate campaign message: "Let's Make American Not on Fire Again."

SNL airs Saturdays, live coast-to-coast at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC.



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