'Saturday Night Live' Pokes Fun at Oscar Host Search With Look at Hilarious Audition Tapes

Chris Redd at Kanye West on 'Saturday Night Live'

With Kevin Hart out as the host of the upcoming Oscars, the Academy has had a hard time finding a replacement -- and Saturday Night Live gave an inside look at the screen tests from some of the possible new hosts.

In one of the sketch comedy show's best impression showcases, almost the entire cast -- as well as host Matt Damon -- turned out to do their best celebrity impressions as they auditioned to serve as host.

"The search for a new host begins," the sketch's voice-over announcer intoned, introducing the faux screen tests. "Who will risk everything for the chance to gain nothing?"

Among the most impressive impressions were Damon's pitch-perfect imitations of Chris Hemsworth and Matthew McConaughey, as well as Aidy Bryant's take on Nanette comic Hannah Gadsby (and later Roseanne Barr) and Pete Davidson's brilliantly low-energy impersonation of Rami Malek.

Chris Redd reprised his shockingly perfect Kayne West impression as well, rocking a camo jacket and pacing around with the intensity fans have come to expect from the outspoken rapper.

"Controversy, bro. Like, you know what I'm saying? I'm trying to stay way out of it. Best Actor? What about Best Human, bro, huh?" Redd's West ranted, before alluding to Hart's recent controversy, declaring, "My Twitter's never been a problem. Scroll it!"

Kate McKinnon also showed off her incredible Ellen DeGeneres impression to make some less-than-veiled references to Hart's twitter controversy as well.

"Sure, I'll host the Oscars. I haven't done anything controversial in my life!" McKinnon's DeGeneres said, smiling. "Except for being gay. But people like that now. Except for the guy that was supposed to host."

For more on the scandal that cost Hart his Oscars gig -- which stemmed from resurfaced homophobic tweets the actor posted around 2010 to 2011 -- check out the video below.


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