'Saturday Night Live' Slams Fox News Over 'Fear-Mongering' Coverage of Migrant Caravan


'SNL' returned from hiatus with some fire.

Saturday Night Live came out swinging after their three week hiatus, taking aim at Fox News' racist and fear-mongering coverage of the so-called migrant caravan.

With Kate McKinnon taking on the role of Fox News host Laura Ingraham and Cecily Strong adding her manic comic energy to an amazing impression of conservative pundit Jeanine Pirro, SNL didn't pull any punches when it came to slamming the right-leaning news organization.

Strong's Pirro offered "footage" of the caravan (which was actually just shoots of a Black Friday riot and zombie-filled clips from the movie World War Z), and revealed exactly what type of people she believes are in the caravan.

The long list included "Mexicans," "Guatemalans," as well as "the Menendez brothers... and several Babadooks."

When McKinnon's Ingraham asked if reports were true that there were Middle Easterners in the caravan, Pirro confirmed that there were, in fact, "Hella Alladins."

Later, Strong offered some Fox News-approved tips for black and Latino voters, which included, "Never vote on Tuesdays" because "the lines will be the absolute worst",also, "Ballots can be confusing. If you see an 'R' next to a name, that means 'really a democrat.'" One additional tip: "You already voted."

Notably absent from this week's Cold Open was frequent guest star Alec Baldwin, who often portrays President Donald Trump. Baldwin made headlines on Friday after getting arrested in New York City for allegedly assaulting a man over a parking dispute.

McKinnon's Ingraham made reference to Baldwin's legal issues at the end of the sketch.

"Let's take a break. When we come back, an update from disgraced former actor Alec Baldwin, seen here molesting a young boyscout," McKinnon's Ingraham said, cutting to a still photo from Baldwin's infamous 1994 SNL sketch "Canteen Boy," alongside Adam Sandler. "And live from New York, it's Saturday night!"

Although, that wasn't the only SNL sketch tackling politics head-on. The episode also had an amazing pre-taped fake ad mocking the Democrats' nervousness over the upcoming midterm elections.

The pitch-perfect ad shows a slew of liberal voters boldly declaring how the Democrats are going to "take back the White House" with a massive blue wave that's coming in fast. However, each of them is shaking so violently, they can barely get their words out, and it's a pretty accurate take on how so many Democrats are feeling with the election just around the corner.

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