'Scandal': Olivia Gets Shot After Facing Off With Quinn -- Is This Her Turning Point?


It seems a gunshot wound was all it took to bring Olivia Pope back from the dark side. 

Our favorite D.C. fixer appeared to have fixed herself on Thursday's episode of Scandal, after she got shot by a sniper during her faceoff with Quinn. It was the reality check Olivia needed, especially after her plan to team up with Cyrus to bring down the White House -- and Mellie with it. 

The resurrection of Olivia's soul all started when she returned from scheming to hear a baby crying in her apartment. 

"I wanted you to see your goddaughter. Once," Quinn said, sneaking out from around the corner and aiming a gun at Olivia's head, handing her a written confession that would send her former boss to jail. "No talking this time. No pleading... You've already lost." 

While Quinn and her rage definitely appeared to have the upper hand -- and catch Olivia off guard -- Olivia still had the force of B613, which was ready to shoot sniper bullets at her attacker. 

"You're bluffing!" Quinn yelled, before an emotional Olivia jumped to save her friend.

"Run!" Olivia screamed back after taking a bullet to the shoulder. 

Olivia's life flashed before our eyes, but the show must go on, so instead of perishing on the floor of her apartment, she headed over to Rowan's house for a few stitches. 

"She hates me, Dad," Olivia cried as Rowan patched her up, giving her a hug that seemed to heal both her gunshot wound and blackened heart, because instead of calling for Mellie's impeachment the next day, Olivia offered up her own resignation as chief of staff. 

"I will continue to support President Grant in any way that I can," she said in a powerful and sweet speech to the press, as Huck and Abby were finally reunited with Quinn. 

Mystery snipers and dad hugs for the win! Let's get OPA back in business. 

While we couldn't be more excited about Olivia getting the team back together, Katie Lowes recently told ET that there's little hope of Quinn and Olivia going back to being "BFFs forever." 

"I think Quinn thinks she's so far gone... At the moment, I'm not sure if Quinn and Olivia as friends [is possible]. I don't know if they can ever come back from this," she said. 

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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