'Scandal' Sneak Peek: Is This How Quinn Spent Her Final Days Alive? (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts a sneak peek from Thursday's episode.

Is this how Quinn spent her final days?

On Thursday's episode of Scandal, titled "Good People," we get the real story behind the events that transpired in Rowan's (Joe Morton) basement starting from the day Quinn (Katie Lowes) was kidnapped, and only ET has the exclusive sneak peek.

So, what exactly went on in Papa Pope's basement? In ET's first look of the dramatic opening scene, a pregnant Quinn -- still in her wedding dress -- wakes up startled in her new confines and is thrown for a loop when she realizes it's not where she expected to be.

When she tries to get out of bed, she discovers that her ankle has been chained to the brick wall. "What?" she exclaims in horror, before she yells out for someone, anyone to rescue her from her hell. "Hello?! I need help! I need someone! If you can hear me, please? Hello?!"

A glint of hope passes through her body once she hears footsteps coming down the wooden steps. Will this be her savior? As the dust settles and the figure appears before her, Quinn's face drops once she sees who's holding her captive. "You," she yells at Rowan. "Are you out of your freakin' mind?!" 

Morton recently spoke with ET, and he discussed Olivia's thirst for power at the cost of anyone and everyone, which has clouded any hint of her good judgment.

“From the very beginning of the season, he's been trying to warn her about the evils of too much power, and she's obviously ignored it and moved to the dark side. And it depends how addicted she is to that power as to whether they can reconcile,” Morton said. “Unfortunately, Olivia is of the mindset that she can have it all, which as the old blues singers have said, not all at one time... At this point, it’s not even so much power hungry as now power greedy.”

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.