Scheana Shay and Brock Davies Reveal Wedding Plans and Update on His Kids (Exclusive)

The 'Vanderpump Rules' stars gave an update on their upcoming nuptials.

It’s almost time for Scheana Shay and Brock Davies to say “I do.” The Vanderpump Rules star and the personal trainer are getting the ball rolling on their wedding planning with a little help.  

“I have a really good wedding planner,” Shay told ET on Tuesday at the Schwartz & Sandy's Opening Party Hosted by and TMX in Los Angeles about how she got the night off from thinking about her big day. “She pretty much does it all and then I just approve things and I give her my Amex number.” 

 Shay, 37, and Davies, 31, already have their sights set on Cancun for their nuptials, which they revealed will take place at the end of August.  

As for the Vanderpump Rules cameras rolling for their wedding, the couple says it’s hard to tell. “You never know,” Shay said. “Honestly, I don't know.” 

Shay is no stranger to the Vanderpump Rules audience seeing her wedding play out, after her marriage to Mike Shay was shown in season 3.  

Scheana Shay/Instagram

When asked if there was one thing she has learned about having a televised ceremony, the reality TV star said it’s all about the planner. 

“Hire a different planner which I've done with Simply Classic events,” she said. “They are amazing. "That was the biggest thing. I was like, ‘We need a good planner,’ and Shelby is the sh*t. So good.” 

The couple, who got engaged in July 2021, are parents of 14-month-old daughter Summer Moon. Davies is the father of two children from a previous relationship -- which is strained -- but was worked out over the course of last season.  

When it comes to his children having an invite to their ceremony, the door is always open. 

“Of course, but it’s a lot,” Shay says about Davies’ children’s invite. “We'll get there eventually,” Davies added. “And when we get home, we'll celebrate with them.” 

While Davies hasn’t seen his children in a while, he is maintaining a healthy relationship with them. “Not physically,” the personal trainer said about his interaction with his two kids. 

“We've been able to talk to the kids. We just gotta build that relationship up slowly and it's on the kids' terms and their mothers," he added. "They're definitely excited to have us around and be involved and actually just keep turning up. So that's the best part.” 

Not only are the pair looking forward to their wedding, getting a new shot with less drama for the upcoming season is something else they are looking forward to. 

“We're in a completely different place now,” Shay told ET. “I think also last season I was so, like, postpartum. I was only home for three days from the hospital before we started filming. So, to go right back into that, after literally almost dying a week prior, it was scary and I didn't really feel like myself. 

“And now going into this season, I feel the most myself in so long," she added. "I feel like I'm in a good place with pretty much everyone. I mean, you never know what's gonna happen with that. I think I just felt more confident going into this season in where I stand with everyone and myself.” 



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