'Schitt's Creek' Earns 15 Emmy Nominations for Final Season

Schitt's Creek
Pop TV

Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara are now two-time nominees for the show.

Our little bébé has grown into a full-on Emmy contender. Schitt's Creek aired its final episodes earlier this year, and now it's time for Moira Rose's favorite season: Awards. When the 2020 Emmy Awards nominations were unveiled on Tuesday, Pop TV's comedy was recognized 15 times over.

The nominations include Outstanding Comedy Series, as well as Catherine O'Hara for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Eugene Levy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Annie Murphy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and Daniel Levy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

"This morning has been the most incredible surprise," the Levys said in a joint statement. "We are overwhelmed and filled with gratitude for this recognition. Unfathomably proud of our little show."

(Dan Levy was also nominated for writing and directing, the latter with co-director Andrew Cividino.)

This year's haul comes after the series (finally) broke through with the Television Academy in 2019, earning four nominations, including his-and-her nods for Levy and O'Hara. The duo -- walking the red carpet together 37 years after winning their first Emmys -- attended the ceremony with the entire cast.

Murphy, who iconically played Alexis Rose over the course of the six seasons, recently opened up to ET about what that Emmys recognition meant to her Schitt's Creek family.

"Starting this show six years ago on the CBC in Canada, shooting in Toronto, we were isolated and didn't really realize when it started creeping into the States," she reflected. "To go from there to having the show and my fellow actors nominated for Emmys, it's so wonderful, because there were 150 incredibly talented Canadians working on this show and to have those talents and those people recognized at the Emmys makes me so proud."

"The amount of dedication and love that was put into this show, I genuinely think should be appreciated," Murphy added. "So it was so, so cool to get to the top of the mountain."

The series finale of Schitt's Creek aired on Pop TV in April, ahead of the sixth season streaming on Netflix later this year.