'Schitt's Creek' Star Emily Hampshire Says Final Season Will 'Rip Your Heart Out' (Exclusive)

The actress who plays Stevie Budd shares with ET new details on the final season!

Prepare for the feels, Schitt's Creek fans.

ET's Ash Crossan caught up with Emily Hampshire, a.k.a. Stevie Budd, in Los Angeles during one of the show's pop-up tour, and she spilled some details on the sixth and final season of the series, hinting that things, at least in part, will end on a somber note.

"You can expect it to rip your heart out," she teased. "But honestly, I have so much respect for Dan [Levy, co-star and co-creator] for doing this because it is hard on us that we have to end it. But, we also know he's ended it so well. Like, he could not give the fans a better ending to the show."

Hampshire added, "It's funny and joyous and also your heart breaks and then you love them and then…Yeah."

When asked if she's happy with Stevie's fate on the show, the 38-year-old actress stated, "Yes, thank God, because I would have been so disappointed if I wasn't. I just, like, every year, I feel like it can't get better. I'm constantly surprised by where Stevie goes."

"Like, last year, to do cabaret. [I] did not think Stevie would be doing a musical," she continued, discussing the big season five finale. "So, I was worried that that was the penultimate thing and it was all downhill from there for my character and it [was] just perfect."

The leading lady also playfully hinted that the series is upping its game in the wardrobe department for the show's last outing.

"I don't know what I'm allowed to say, so I'm going to say something and if I'm not allowed to say it, it's your fault," Hampshire joked. "Stevie might actually, in season six, wear a lot of more tailored things."

"I'm not saying there's a wedding. I'm not saying that," she added, possibly referencing Patrick (Noah Reid) and David's (Dan Levy) engagement on the show. "It's just so good. Also, you won't be disappointed wig-wise. 'Cause, if you think season one, two, three, four and five had a significant amount of wigs, wait 'til you see season six."

Though the series largely focuses on the riches-to-rags story of the Rose family adapting to small-town life, characters like Stevie have become fan favorites over the years. During the chat, Hampshire also took a moment to remember when she realized the Schitt's Creek fan base was growing and viewers were starting to approach her about the show.

"I came back to L.A. and went into Bed, Bath and Beyond and I was, like, accosted with so many people who loved the show and it was crazy 'cause it was all in Bed, Bath and Beyond… the Beyond section," she shared.

The sixth and final season of Schitt's Creek premieres Jan. 7 on Pop TV.