'Schitt's Creek' Final Season Trailer: The Rose Family Says Goodbye After Six Seasons

Schitt's Creek
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The sixth and final season of the comedy will premiere Jan. 7 on Pop TV.

It's almost time to return to Schitt's Creek for the final time.

On Friday, Pop TV dropped the first full-length trailer for the sixth and final season of its comedy series. The equal parts hilarious and heartwarming first look begins with Johnny (Eugene Levy), Moira (Catherine O'Hara), and Stevie (Emily Hampshire) filming a commercial for the Rosebud Motel.

Then the trailer really kicks off, showing Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) talking about blood and horror, Alexis (Annie Murphy) leading a workout class, and David (Dan Levy) planning his wedding to Patrick (Noah Reid).

"I'm not having my big day -- our big day -- compromised because Alexis wanted to chill in a tankini for six months," David exclaims, referencing Alexis' plan to go to the Galapagos Islands with her boyfriend, Ted (Dustin Milligan).

In between the snide comments and "Ew, David" moments, the show focuses on love, with the siblings admitting that they'll miss each other, Patrick telling Johnny that he feels "incredibly lucky" to join their family, and Alexis excitedly reuniting with Ted.

"There is value in motels," Johnny says. "My family and I have been staying in a motel for the past three years. And I wouldn't change our stay there for anything."

When ET's Kevin Frazier caught up with Catherine and Eugene and the 2019 Emmys -- where the series was up for Outstanding Comedy Series and Catherine and Eugene were nominated for Lead Actress and Actor, respectively -- they expressed excitement over their show's success.

"It's just a shock and a delight that this many people are watching the show now," Catherine said. "And we have CBC and POP and Netflix to thank for that."

"We kinda put it together, we were having a great time doing it. It was a slow start, but we didn't know it was a slow start to anything," Eugene added. "We were just having fun doing the show. Our fan base really became quite rabid and I really credit them with getting the word out on this show." 

The sixth and final season of Schitt's Creek will premiere Jan. 7 on Pop TV.