'Scrubs' Star Sam Lloyd Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Richard Cartwright/ABC via Getty Images

Sam Lloyd has been diagnosed with lung cancer. 

The 55-year-old actor, who played a hospital lawyer on Scrubs, was diagnosed with the disease last month, just weeks after his wife, Vanessa, gave birth to their first child together -- but his Scrubs family has his back. 

Tim Hobert, who was an executive producer on the NBC sitcom, started a GoFundMe page for Lloyd on Monday, to raise money for his medical expenses, while Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence urged fans to help out. 

"This is Sam. He was Ted on SCRUBS. He’s a pal. Just had his first baby. Get involved if you can.  I am," Lawrence tweeted on Tuesday. 

According to Lloyd's GoFundMe, Lloyd began experiencing regular headaches in mid-January, and he quickly lost 10 pounds. He attributed the symptoms at first to his busy, sleepless schedule, in order to care for his new baby son, Weston, as well as his ailing mother. However, eventually, things got bad enough that his doctor ordered a CT scan which revealed a brain tumor. 

Surgeons attempted to remove the mass, but just days later, Lloyd was informed the cancer in question had metastasized from his lungs, and further scans showed the cancer was also in his liver, spine and jaw.

Lloyd’s GoFundMe is asking for $100,000 for medical and childcare expenses, and, so far, it's raised more than $45,000. 


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