See Janelle Monae Like You've Never Seen Her Before in Amazon's 'Electric Dreams' (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts a first look from the singer's appearance in the Philip K. Dick anthology series.

Janelle Monae is going sci-fi.

In Amazon Prime's Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, the 10-episode sci-fi anthology series features standalone episodes where each installment centers on a different Philip K. Dick short story.

ET debuts an exclusive sneak peek from one of the episodes, titled "Autofac," based on the 1955 tale of the same name about self-replicating machines, starring Monae, Juno Temple and David Lyons. The clip kicks off with Monae's robot being abducted and reprogrammed. When she is unsuccessfully prompted to wake up, Plan B is enacted: slicing into her head to get what the information needed.

Executive produced by Bryan Cranston, the Breaking Bad star talked to ET about why his producing portfolio is eclectic and unexpected. In addition to Electric Dreams, Cranston is a producer on Sneaky Pete and The Dangerous Book for Boys, all of which stream on Amazon Prime.

“If you’re a curious person, you have aspects of your personality that are all different. If I said, ‘What’s your favorite meal of all time?’ It would be whatever it is. If you constantly ate just that meal, it’s not what you want all the time. You want a piece of pizza, you want a hamburger. You want to branch out," the 61-year-old told ET in December.

"I want to be able to experience Dangerous Book for Boys in the family realm -- a fun, family adventure. Sneaky Pete is not that, it’s a harrowing, dysfunctional family with this man who is trying to find his way in life. Electric Dreams is a sometimes cautionary tale of a dystopian future and yet it relates to what I’m going through right now," Cranston continued. "I love all these tales. We’re in different moods from time to time, and it just so happens that my interest is to mix it up."

The entire season of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams premieres Friday on Amazon Prime.