Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Are Focusing on Having a 'Normal' Relationship, Source Says

ET's source also reveals Gomez doesn't feel her disapproving mother 'knows all the facts.'

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber want their renewed relationship to be as "normal" as possible. 

A source tells ET that the superstar couple is still going strong and have settled comfortably into a "normal" routine together, despite Gomez's mother, Mandy Teefey's, disapproval. 

"Selena is an adult and she’s going to make decisions for herself. She values her mother’s opinion, but not over her own,” the source says, adding that the former Disney star doesn't feel like her mom knows all the facts. "Selena's mother's opinion of Bieber is based on how she remembers him from the past. A lot has happened since then, and Selena knows he's changed and is in a better place, and so is she." 

"Selena's mom hasn't spent time with Bieber recently, so she really hasn't seen anything firsthand. It's all based on her previous perception -- which to be fair, wasn't good. So it's only natural she'd be weary," the source notes.

As previously reported, Teefey was hospitalized last month after having a breakdown, which a source told ET at the time was "likely the result of a culmination of stress of the holidays, the anniversary of her miscarriage -- which hit her very hard -- and the stress of Justin and Selena getting serious.”

As of Thursday, however, ET's source reveals that there hasn't been any further blowups or confrontations between Gomez and her mother. Instead, the "Wolves" singer is focusing on trying to be a "normal couple" with Bieber. 

“They’ve done the whole Hollywood couple thing before with parties, red carpets, events and everything else that comes with being in the spotlight and it didn’t work. This time around, they really just want to do normal things that regular couples do," the source explains. 

"He’s playing on a rec hockey team and she watches in the stands with some of the other girlfriends and families of the players. They love working out together. They recently did a Pilates class together, and of course they go to church still. They’re even opting to hang out more with friends who are not in the industry, mainly friends from church," the source continues. "They’re really just all about keeping it low-key this time and don’t want it to spiral into a big spectacle."

As for how the two will handle awards season and upcoming events like the GRAMMYs, the source says they "wouldn't be surprised if they attend any public appearances separately." 

See more on Gomez and Bieber's romance in the video below.