Selena Gomez on Why She's Being 'Transparent' on Her New Album 'Rare' (Exclusive)

The singer talks to ET about her highly anticipated album, which dropped over the weekend.

Selena Gomez has nothing to hide on Rare, her anticipated third studio album, which comes five years after 2015’s Revival

“I wanted to make something that was transparent yet really classy and very real to me,” the 27-year-old singer and actress told ET’s Nischelle Turner at the premiere of her upcoming film, Dolittle, about why now was the perfect time to drop new music. 

“I guess this was the right time and I felt it,” she added, “so it's crazy.”

The two also discussed the album track, “Dance Again,” which Gomez previously revealed helped her come to the realization that she’s got her groove back after challenging times in the spotlight. 

While speaking with Turner, Gomez says the song “makes me feels so good.” 

“That song makes me feel like I got my step back, and I feel like alright, I'm back in the game a bit,” she explains, adding that "the whole objective of the album is self-love and acceptance.”

Prior to Friday’s release, Gomez got candid about each song on the album, which addresses her very public ups and downs.  

When it comes to “Dance Again,” she said that “you can be vulnerable, you can have all of these feelings, but now I'm ready to just kind of let loose.” Simply described as “fun,” she added that “it’s a great song to just celebrate and it feels good.”

In addition to the track-by-track breakdown of her album, ET went through all the songs and lyrics Selenators believe could be about Justin Bieber, and the on-again, off-again romance they shared for years before the pop star moved on with (and married) Hailey Baldwin.

In addition to Rare, fans can get a double dose of Gomez, who voices a friendly giraffe named Betsy in Disney’s new remake of Dr. Dolittle starring Robert Downey Jr. When it comes to the family-friendly film, Gomez says that “it makes me feel good to make people happy,” especially “with everything going on.”

Dr. Dolittle is in theaters on Jan. 17.