Selena Gomez's Bizarre New Horror Project Is Absolute Nightmare Fuel -- Watch

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Selena Gomez is stepping into a nightmarish world of madness, finger-faced monsters and disembodied bathtub faces for a new, terror-inducing horror film.

The pop star teamed up with artist and director Petra Collins for a surreal, horrifying visual media project, and now fans can get a glimpse of the frightening short.

Collins took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a series of behind-the-scenes shots and sneak peeks at the disturbing project that seemingly answers the question, "What would it look like if Gomez and David Lynch teamed up to make the opening credits for a season of American Horror Story?"

The first clip from the project, which is titled A Love Story, shows the 25-year-old singer completely naked in a bathtub filled with murky green water, and discovering a prosthetic face.

As she sings to herself, the fake face -- which is really only part of a face --  surfaces in the water, and Gomez curiously picks it up, wears it over he own face, and generally stares at it as the pervasive sound of dripping water echoes over uncomfortable silence.

Collins -- who previously collaborated with Gomez on the music videos for the singer's singles "Bad Liar" and "Fetish" -- shared a few other snapshots from the deeply unsettling shower scene, with a retro-filter that gives it a real "Polaroid found in a shoebox belonging to a serial killer" vibe.

The filmmaker also shared a few sneak peeks on her Instagram Story that reveal a few other horrifying moments including a shot of Gomez surrounded by a slew of candle-topped birthday cakes as she scraped icing off her leg with a large chef's knife.

Selena Gomez in 'A Love Story' by Petra Collins
Petra Collins/Instagram

There's also a dramatically lit screenshot of the singer, wet from her bath and covered with a white towel, holding a human eyeball in her mouth.

Selena Gomez in 'A Love Story' by Petra Collins
Petra Collins/Instagram

Among the brief, cryptic clips, we also see a shot of Gomez sitting on the floor with her head in the lap of a creature with a face made out of fingers, who is stroking her hair.

Selena Gomez in 'A Love Story' by Petra Collins
Petra Collins/Instagram

Collins shared a behind the scenes snapshot showing a better look at what she called the finger monster's "insane prop head," which was created by sculptor and prosthetic costume artist Sarah Sitkin.

The still shot was snapped by artist Moni Haworth, who posted another equally mystifying image from the production to her own Instagram, showing Gomez with translucent white eyes.

The project will soon be released on IGTV, Instagram's new long-form video platform, as the program is rolled out over the next few weeks.

For a look at some of Gomez's earlier collaborations with Collins, check out the video below.


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