'Selling Sunset' Spinoff 'Selling the O.C.' Debuts Juicy Teaser: Meet the New Agents

Jason and Brett Oppenheim are back to introduce a new group of realtors to the world.

Surprise! Netflix dropped the first official teaser for Selling Sunset spinoff, Selling the O.C., during the cast reunion special, which dropped at midnight, and the claws are definitely out with the new group of real estate agents.

Introduced in season 4 of Selling Sunset, Selling the O.C. follows "a fresh set of realtors as they square off, competing to establish themselves at The Oppenheim Group’s second office on the Orange County coast," according to the official series synopsis. "Will the pressure prove too much for these agents to handle?"

As the two-minute (very NSFW) teaser suggests, the answer to that question is a resounding yes as they gossip about the competition, talk behind each other's backs over an expensive glass of wine, attend extravagant black-tie parties, have secret affairs and, oh, sell some multimillion dollar estates on the side. "These people are crazy, that's all I'm gonna say," one of the realtors says quite bluntly. 

Of course, Selling the O.C. -- the latest in the Selling franchise (Selling Tampa premiered back in December) -- wouldn't be complete without the Oppenheim brothers, Jason and Brett, making their presence known. And the drama just continues to ramp up as something happens in the office that stuns the Oppenheims and the other realtors to silence. "Oh my god!" one of them exclaims as the rest of the gang huddle around something... or someone?

But things get even more real when a maybe-secret affair comes out: "I think we all know who the snakes are."

Watch the juicy teaser for Selling the O.C. below.

Selling the O.C. will feature Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Lauren Brito, Polly Brindle, Sean Palmieri and Tyler Stanaland, some of whom were previously introduced in the last season of Selling Sunset

"I love the agents down here. We’ve got a great group of people, a great office. And it’s just a whole new dynamic down here,” Jason Oppenheim told ET's Brice Sander last November, adding, “The agents at my brokerage are male and female, and so from them, I think it’s going to be a very diverse cast."

“I’m getting to know these people at the same time that the audience is. And I think they’re getting to know themselves and each other just as much. Whereas I think, on Selling Sunset, we had known each other for decades, and I had known these people for decades,” he continued. “So this is a learning process for me too. I honestly don’t even know what’s going to happen, which I guess is kind of exciting as well.”

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