'Selling Sunset's Jason Oppenheim Comments on Christine Quinn's Future at the Oppenheim Group

The luxury real estate agent and broker made the comments at the first-ever reunion for the hit Netflix show.

Jason Oppenheim doesn't mince words about what the future holds for Christine Quinn at the Oppenheim Group, revealing "there's not a place for her" at the brokerage firm following her alleged bribery stunt.

Jason makes the comments during Selling Sunset's first-ever reunion show (streaming now on Netflix) while offering an update about Christine's future, after Emma Hernan claimed during the tail end of season 5 that Christine (through an "associate") presented a longtime client of Emma's a $5,000 bribe to not work with the Boston native. Christine denied the accusation, but Jason says it, in fact, happened. ET has reached out to Christine for comment. 

"I spoke to him in person. Well, I should say, over the phone. I know the gentleman," Jason says. "I've met him and I asked him many follow-up questions. He was very clear about what happened. I don't think it's up for debate that she did this."

As a result, Christine -- who took to Twitter to claim the show conjured up "fake storylines" -- is out.

"Right now, there's not a place for her at the Oppenheim Group," Jason confirms. That being said, Jason didn't exactly shut the door completely.

"Now, in the future, if she takes real estate seriously, if I can get an understanding on her perspective on things, if she changes her behavior, if she brings in a big listing, there's a lot of reasons where I would consider her having a place at the Oppenheim Group, but right now, there is no place," he says.

Selling Sunset fans know that after Emma brought up the allegation to Jason and Mary Fitzgerald, then the firm's managing director, the bosses asked Christine to come in so she could explain her side of the story. Christine texted Jason saying she'd come in, but ultimately never showed up and essentially ghosted them. Christine also missed the reunion, claiming she got COVID-19. But just three days later, Christine was photographed at a photo shoot, adding fuel to the speculation that she skipped the reunion -- and used COVID as an excuse -- to avoid answering questions about the alleged bribe.

During the reunion, Jason says he's tried getting in touch with Christine, to no avail. 

"We've texted and we haven't really addressed the situation," he says. "She hasn't reached out to talk about it. I know she has some thoughts on it."

Shortly after Friday's reunion special, a source told ET that Jason and Christine "parted way amicably" and are still "trying to make time to talk" about everything that went down.

"Christine and Jason have been going back and forth trying to make time to talk. They parted ways amicably, and Christine respects Jason. They have texted about how they want to have a conversation, but then end up not answering each other for a few weeks at a time," the source shared. "Jason wasn't happy about how everything went down and felt like Christine wasn't promoting the Oppenheim Group or Selling Sunset. She hasn't worked for the Oppenheim Group for quite some time, but the story line about that is just coming out now."

While Jason's still seeking answers, there are clues Christine's done with the firm, and quite possibly the show, for good.

For starters, Christine is no longer listed on the show's roster of agents. What's more, on the day season 5 dropped on Netflix, Forbes profiled Christine and her husband, Christian Dumontet, to announce the couple was launching a company that's set out "to disrupt the real estate market." In that same piece, Christine explained that part of the reason why she left The Oppenheim Group was because the firm wasn't a "forward-leaning" company and didn't believe in cryptocurrency. 

The day after the story published, Christine tweeted, "Why work for someone else when you can be your own CEO?"



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