'Selling Tampa' Season 2? Cast Weighs In on What They'd Like to See (Exclusive)

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Spoilers ahead! If you've yet to finish binging season 1 of Netflix's Selling Tampa, bookmark for later or proceed with caution.

With all eight episodes of Selling Tampa's debut season easily consumed in a day, viewers are sure to be hungry for more. While Netflix has yet to announce plans for future seasons of Selling Sunset's East Coast sister show, the stars are more than ready to get back in front of the camera and capture more realty... and reality TV. ET chatted with the women of Allure Realty -- Sharelle Rosado, Alexis Williams, Juawana Colbert-Williams, Tennille Moore, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Rena Frazier, Karla Giorgio and Colony Reeves -- to find out what they'd like to see in a potential season 2.

Sharelle Rosado

Sharelle Rosado, star of Netflix's Selling Tampa
Nino Muñoz / Netflix

The self-proclaimed "boss-a** b***h who gets s**t done" isn't letting a new baby get in the way of building her empire. The expecting star recently expanded Allure's offices to Miami, where she's splitting her time and nesting with her partner, former NFL star Chad Johnson, as they anticipate the arrival of their baby girl, Serenity.

"In season 2, I hope and pray that Alexis gets her stuff together because she was one of my first agents," Sharelle offers ET of what she'd like to showcase should Netflix give the group a green light for more Selling Tampa. Season 1 ended with Sharelle parting ways with Alexis after a series of on-the-job incidents left the big boss unimpressed. 

"If she does, maybe I can think about bringing her back and expanding the Miami office and showing these ladies that I'm a BAMF: a bada** motherf**ker! So, I know how to handle both offices."

Alexis Williams

Alexis Williams, star of Netflix's Selling Tampa
Nino Muñoz / Netflix

With a return to Allure at the top of her list, Alexis would focus on her career goals in a second season.

"I have high hopes for a season 2," she says. "I obviously hope that I can get to the level that I deserve to be at. Working hard, getting more clients, showing more properties, closing more deals. Those are my goals. Hopefully that means also coming back to Allure with welcoming arms, with no drama. Those are my goals for that. And obviously meeting baby Serenity and so forth."

Juawana Colbert-Williams

Juawana Colbert-Williams, star of Netflix's Selling Tampa
Nino Muñoz / Netflix

Newly single -- and newly appointed as Sharelle's official No. 2 after operating in the capacity unofficially -- Juawana is ready to showcase both personal and professional growth... and keep tabs on all things Sharelle, of course.

"I would definitely love to see what happens with the baby and how she's going to manage Miami vs. Tampa, and really how the ladies are going to either put up a fight or not in terms of who else is going to be second in command," she says.

Colony Reeves

Colony Reeves, star of Netflix's Selling Tampa
Nino Muñoz / Netflix

Colony plead her case to Sharelle to pick her over Juawana for that second-in-command slot, ultimately losing out to Juawana (whom she and her co-workers jokingly call "HR.")

"I think she'll soon see that she made the wrong decision," Colony coos, taking a shot at Sharelle's choice of Juawana. "So she's probably going to be regretting her decision very soon."

As for what she'd like to see onscreen in season 2, Colony simply says "more Colony."

"You see the 'work Colony,' you see Colony showing homes to her clients and hanging out with Anne and you know, that's just one aspect of my life," she explains. "I really want to open up and get the world to see really who Colony is deep down. So I'm hoping for season 2, you get more of a layer that's peeled back for Colony."

She'd also like to see her co-workers see themselves out of her personal business, after season 1 saw more than one realtor wonder whether Colony was dating any of her clients.

"If they were closing deals, they wouldn't have time to worry about who I'm dating," she snaps. "OK? Let's talk about that. The people who worry about me are not closing deals, so-- but for season 2, I'll have a little boo -- a real boo -- I'm putting that out [there]. A serious boo."

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, star of Netflix's Selling Tampa
Nino Muñoz / Netflix

Colony's Allure BFF is also putting out vibes for romance in season 2, though Colony is quick to clarify on both of their behalves that neither her nor Anne-Sophie's DMs are open to just any man looking to slide in.

"A tall boo, maybe potentially," Anne-Sophie jokes. "I would love to explore that."

Outside of dating, the Haitian native would want the audience to see more of what makes her, her. "I would love to explore more of, like, my actual background, my relationship with, like, some of the quirks about me that are due to my background," she says. 

Rena Frazier

Rena Frazier, star of Netflix's Selling Tampa
Nino Muñoz / Netflix

A season 2 would likely shed light on whether Rena made good on her threat to strike out on her own and become Allure's competition with a rival brokerage (she's still at the company for now), but also provide an opportunity for Rena to show her home life. She's a mom to four daughters.

"A lot of us are juggling many different things in our lives," notes. "I mean, I have a whole family that I'm juggling on top of running this real estate business. And it's really interesting. I think that's neat when you get to see women who are ambitious and doing their thing, but they're also holding down friends and family."

Karla Giorgio

Karla Giorgio, star of Netflix's Selling Tampa
Nino Muñoz / Netflix

Karla feels similarly to Rena. She'd like the viewers to meet her as a mother, as well as show off how she kicked her sales skills into gear after her buddy, Alexis, was shown the door at Allure.

"I am a single mother," she says. "I have three boys and I have another business that I tend to. So I kind of want to show that part of it where I'm really pushing myself to get back into real estate and show that entrepreneur side of me as well."

Tennille Moore

Tennille Moore, star of Netflix's Selling Tampa
Nino Muñoz / Netflix

After a fiery face-off with Alexis in Miami in the wake of the now-former Allure agent dropping the ball while showing Tennille's high-profile client, Ben, an estate, Tennille confesses she never did sell that man a house. However, they're still working together to run his investment properties.

As for what she'd like to share with the viewers in a second season, Tennille offers this: "I'd just like to show that I am still the newest of the crew and that I'm getting a lot of showings and, I mean, properties and working hard."

All of Selling Tampa season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.


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