Selma Blair Raves About New Walking Bike After Using a Cane Became Painful Amid Her MS Battle

Selma Blair
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

The actress was diagnosed with MS last August, and is 'so happy' to have found a smoother way to get around.

Selma Blair has found a much more efficient way to get around.  

The actress -- who suffers from multiple sclerosis – took to Instagram on Friday to praise Barbara Alink, the inventor of a non-motorized walking bike without pedals, who has helped keep her mobile after she began to experience pain from her cane.

"I cannot express the gratitude I have towards the kindness and hard work of #barbaraalinker ?. She is the woman behind the invention, design and build of this wonderful #walkingbike," she began. "I have been without my @the_alinker_world while taking care of things back home, seeing family and healing and thought I could manage with my cane. It became untenable and painful to my joints. So she found me. ❤️ she gave me this bike. And I took off."

"So many people have already stopped me to ask about it," the actress continued. "Good thing I am a chatterbox and so happy with this #mobilityaid, I feel like a model at a car show. Gonna nap. And look forward to the days ahead with faster, smoother , increased mobility in a walking city. Thank you thank you @the_alinker_world #gamechanger #reactivateyourbrain #activateyourbrain #kindness #brilliance. #life ? ."

Blair revealed her battle with MS in October, after being diagnosed in August. Just last month, the Cruel Intentions actress was honored at the 26th Annual Race to Erase MS Gala, where she gave a moving speech about living with the autoimmune disease.

Taking the stage with her 7-year-old son, Arthur, Blair began by candidly saying, "I have to say that I am afraid that I will fall, and I have the best fall-bearers in the world with Robin and Sarah and my son, Arthur."

"I am really happy. I am really happy that you are all here. That I get this chance to speak for so many people who don't get a chance to speak -- and oh my god, can you hear? I am talking really well," she proudly expressed. 

"I have to tell you, everything is for our future, for the people who have immune diseases. My dream is that I get to be a useful mom as long as this kid wants me," she concluded.

Blair has been very vocal about her daily struggles, sharing candid moments from her everyday life. She's also spoken about her interest in creating a clothing line that would help those who suffer from disabilities, after finding it difficult to get dressed since her diagnosis.

"I would like to partner with someone like Christian Siriano on a line for everyone, not just people who necessarily need adaptive clothing, but for those who want comfort, too," she said. "It can still be chic. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style."

Siriano later told ET that he would love to collaborate with his longtime friend, adding that "there is a need. Someone like her, she's like, 'I can't zip anything up.' And I didn't think about that. That's a really interesting thing, concept, to think about. To think you can't button your jacket," he explained. 

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